Cisco U. is a new digital learning experience that:

  • Empowers customers to get the most from their Cisco investments.
  • Provides personalized tech training to help deploy solutions successfully.
  • Improves customer success and lifecycle satisfaction.
  • Offers the opportunity to prepare for Cisco certification exams and earn Continuing Education credits.
  • Includes training from AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and more for multi-vendor learning from a single source.
  • Connects learners to Cisco Learning Network communities for study resources and discussions.

For a deeper dive please watch the Cisco U. overview video.


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-       save big on Cisco U. All Access, now priced at just 4,800 USD / 48 Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) (originally 6,000 USD / 60 CLCs), or

-       choose Cisco U. Essentials for only 1,500 USD / 15 CLCs (originally 1,800 USD / 18 CLCs).

Take advantage of these exclusive prices starting May 24th through July 27th 2023.

Kindly note Cisco may charge you VAT or Sales Tax if and where applicable. Learn more.

What is included in each Cisco U.:

• Cisco U. All Access: All of Cisco’s in-depth product, solution, and certification training and labs, plus Cisco-adjacent content to support a multi-vendor stack.

• Cisco U. Essentials: Fundamentals training and labs, associate-level certification prep, and Cisco-adjacent content to support a multi-vendor stack.

Continuing Education (CE) points can be earned through Cisco U. Please see the Cisco U. Continuing Education document (Cisco-U-CE-Credit-Guide2.pdf).

More details about Cisco U.

  • Cisco U. is a personalized tech training program that is designed to help you deploy solutions successfully, maximize your Cisco investments, and prepare for Cisco certification exams.
  • Cisco U. is tailored to meet your learning needs as itoffers in-depth learning paths that cover a wide range of topics, including Cloud Fundamentals, CCNA, and Network Automation Essentials.
  • Additionally, it gives you access to a variety of on-the-go podcasts, videos, tutorials, communities, and modular training, all of which are designed to provide you with a comprehensive learning experience.
  • More importantly; to support your multi-vendor solutions and provide you with holistic understanding of the tech landscape; Cisco U. also includes Skillsoft content that covers areas such as AWS and Microsoft training.


It's important to note that the CDL training progress will not transfer to Cisco U. and learners should complete any inflight CDL courses in CDL.

Current CDL subscribers will retain access to CDL and Cisco U. through the duration of their subscription. As a side note, CDL was end-of-sale at 11:59 PM Pacific time on May 23, 2023.