Demand for professionals who can design, install, secure, and manage the networks that keep information and communication flowing is growing, meaning that there are several career opportunities in this IT field. These professionals can expect good salaries,  solid job security and good chances for career growth.

If you do an online search for networking technologies or networking certifications  you will often find Cisco certifications on the lists. Cisco is a worldwide leader in the networking field and employers place high value upon Cisco certifications.

According to the research (.pdf), a vast majority of employers concurs that their Cisco certified employees are more knowledgeable and more valuable than their noncertified employees.

Here are some more facts from the survey:

  • Employers claim that Cisco Certified engineers perform, on average, at least 37% better than noncertified employees in completing IT projects quickly and successfully!
  • Cisco Certified engineers are 42% better at resolving technical problems speedily and effectively and 40% faster at coming up to speed during onboarding.
  • On average, a Cisco certified employees also contribute to a 31% decrease in network support costs, a 37% reduction in network downtime and increase in external customer satisfaction, and a 32% increase in the project load of a department.

More than two million Cisco certifications have been earned since the inception of its certification program and individuals with Cisco certifications and training represent a known quantity. For companies, it is easier to assess their skills during hiring and to predict their success on the job.

Strong value is derived from hiring Cisco certified professionals. Employers expect to see formal networking certifications on a resume. They seek not only experience, but also individuals who can keep their skills current in the face of rapidly changing technology. Cisco constantly reviews their certification programs, aligning them with the demands of the job roles and providing students with the relavant, job-ready skills.

Cisco Career Certifications 2024