As the service provider space continues to evolve, many service providers are looking to transform from providers of basic services to “Experience Providers.”

An Experience Provider offers fully integrated, personalized voice, video, and data services to anyone, anywhere, anytime using any device, and does this securely, reliably, and seamlessly. A properly installed and maintained IP next-generation network is critical to making this transition.

The Cisco Service Provider certification program was built on the growing demand for professionals who can implement, troubleshoot, and optimize a carrier-grade IP next-generation networks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I have my CCNA and I wish to specialise in SP. Which courses do I need to complete?

A: You could do the CCNA SP which requires successful completion of SPNGN1 and SPNGN2. To complete the CCNP SP, the requirements are SPCORE, SPEDGE, SPROUTE, and SPADVROUTE. For CCNP SP, you will need a CCNA SP as a prerequisite or CCNA Routing and Switching plus have passed a minimum of 1 CCIP exam (QOS, BGP, MPLS, BGP+MPLS, ROUTE, BSCI)

Q: I have a CCNP, but now want the CCNP SP certification. What is the easiest way?

A: To complete CCNP SP, you need to pass four exams: SPROUTE, SPAdvROUTE, SPCORE, SPEDGE

Q: Do you have a 360 Programme for CCIE SP?

A No, unfortunately not, Cisco has only produced a 360 program for R&S and for Collaboration.

Q: What is the difference between the CCNA SP and CCNA SP Ops?

A: The CCNA Service Provider certification validates the basic knowledge and skills of a network engineer in the configuration, implementation, and verification of a baseline Cisco Service Provider IP Next-Generation network, while the CCNA Service Provider Ops certification validates the basic knowledge and skills of a Tier 1 support engineer in the service operation, network management, and first-level network troubleshooting of a Cisco Service Provider IP Next-Generation network.

Q: How do I convert from CCIP to CCNP SP?

A:Use the Migration Tool – []

Q: What are the requirements for CCNP SP OPS?

A: The courses required are OFCN, MSPRP, MSPVM, MSPQS. The prerequisite is a valid Cisco CCNA Service Provider Operations or any Cisco CCIE certification.

Q: What are the prerequisites for the CCNP Service Provider certification?

A: A valid CCNA Service Provider certification or any CCIE certification is a prerequisite for the CCNP Service Provider certification. It is also recommended that the network engineer have 5–7 years of experience working in a service provider network environment.


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