As a Cisco Collaboration engineer, you will need to understand the requirements of the collaboration projects, be able to administrate, plan, design and implement the communication/collaboration solutions as well as deployment.

Cisco communication/collaboration systems provide varieties of options, including voice, video, presence, conference, contact etc. Cisco collaboration training helps to learn from the basics of single voice or video solutions to professional and expert level of how to unify these applications together.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is there any requirement before taking CCNA voice level courses?

A: Yes, you need to have at least basic network knowledge and CCNA Routing and Switching certified. Some years of experience in CCNA or CCNP network is also recommended.

Q: If I have questions about my current job duties which are not included in the textbooks, what should I do?

A: You certainly can ask questions during or after classes, our instructors are also expert in consultancy for real world technologies and their knowledge is always up to date.

Q Do you provide real life case study in class?

A Yes, the students can ask for real life examples in class at any time. We do not have any written prepared case studies to work through for the collaboration training, but we can provide real life examples and actual solutions.

Q: Who can take advantage of the Cisco CCIE Collaboration certification conversion program?

A: The CCIE Voice to CCIE Collaboration certification conversion program is intended for those who have an active or suspended CCIE Voice certification as of February 13, 2013. You can check your status in the Cisco Certification Tracking System.

Q: What is the Cisco CCIE Collaboration program?

A: The program allows CCIE Voice certification holders to 1) keep their existing CCIE Voice certification or 2) convert a CCIE Collaboration certification, or 3) attain both a CCIE Voice certification and a CCIE Collaboration certification.

Q: Where can I get more information or talk to someone about my eligibility and status?

A: You can get more information by visiting the CCIE Voice Certification to CCIE Collaboration Certification Evolution Update web page as well as submitting an online Cisco certification support case at

Q: When does the Cisco CCIE Collaboration take effect and when does it end?

A: The conversion program takes effect beginning November 21, 2013. From then until February 13, 2016, you can open a case to permanently convert your CCIE Voice certification to CCIE Collaboration, after passing the CCIE Collaboration Written Exam. CCIE Collaboration certification conversion titles will take effect starting on February 14, 2014. Note that the CCIE Voice to CCIE Collaboration conversion program is a permanent and final certification conversion. Once your certification is exchanged and the new CCIE Collaboration certification is provided, you will not be able to use the CCIE Voice certification title any longer and will not be able to regain the CCIE Voice certification in the future.

Q: Why is Cisco implementing this conversion program?

A: Learning@Cisco is committed to helping the expert Voice technical community to transition to the recently announced CCIE Collaboration certification. In this effort, providing a smooth transition path from the CCIE Voice certification to the CCIE Collaboration certification is crucial. Existing CCIE Voice certification holders have a number of options available to them when deciding which CCIE certification to renew or pursue, and the conversion program aims to make each option straightforward.

Q: How can I participate?

A: Eligibility requires a CCIE Voice certification (active or suspended) as of February 13, 2014. Conversion program candidates will need to do the following:

1. Pass the CCIE Collaboration Written Exam.
2. Request a permanent CCIE Voice to CCIE Collaboration certification conversion by submitting an online Cisco certification support case at and including the following information:

  • Candidate ID
  • Name
  • CCIE number
  • Description: CCIE Voice to CCIE Collaboration Conversion Program
  • Date (mm/dd/yyyy) of the CCIE Collaboration written exam pass


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