The Sourcefire System Administration Training consists of 4 video lessons that are intended to serve as prerequisite training for the Securing Cisco Networks with Sourcefire Intrusion Prevention System (SSFIPS) course.

Lesson 1: Overview (05:45)
This lesson welcomes you to the Sourcefire Intrusion Prevention System Administration Training, and provides an overview of what this training covers. It also covers our Cybersecurity philosophy for continuous protection of your network, and provides a quick overview of the NGIPS System Architecture.

Lesson 2:  Miscellaneous Administrative Features (40:29)
This lesson covers some of the features that are not in the four-day class, and looks at the following menus: Local Configuration, Updates (including product, rule, and geolocation), Licensing, and Tools.

Lesson 3: System Policy (28:52)
This lesson goes over System Policy, and describes System Policy features, and how to create, edit, and apply System Policy.

Lesson 4: Health Monitoring (33:08)
This lesson covers Health Monitoring, and describes the health monitoring feature, and discusses the Configure Health Policy. This lesson also allows you to view health events, demonstrates how to create a health alert, and discusses Health Blacklists.

All the lessons are available free of charge on Cisco's website.

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