The update reflects the latest virtualized Service Control Engine (vSCE) with the v5.x software release.

NIL Service Control Engine Operations (NIL_SCEO) v2.0 provides students with the knowledge of the SCE policy control solutions based on the latest virtualized SCE (vSCE) with the v5.x software release.

In this 4-day lab-intensive course students will learn about the service control processes, applications and elements of the solution, such as collection manager, subscriber manager, quota manager and insight. The focus of the course is to provide operation guidelines for service control solutions with associated design and implementation topics.

Check out the course description to gain detailed information about the course outline, objectives, pricing and available dates.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in attending the NIL_SCEO training, to discuss delivery options or if you want to know more about the course.

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