New CCNP Routing and Switching courses (ROUTE v2.0, SWITCH v2.0 and TSHOOT v2.0) include major updates and follow an updated blueprint. Some older topics have been removed or simplified, while several new IPv6 routing topics have been added. Content has been adapted to Cisco IOS Software Release 15 and technically updated. The courses also introduce new type of labs, called discovery labs. Details of the content updates can be seen below.


Removed Added
Complex enterprise network requirements (Cisco Network Models, SONA Framework)  Basic Network and Routing Concepts 

Implementation Planning and Documentation 

Implementing RIPng 

Advertising an IP Default Network in EIGRP 

Configuring EIGRP for IPv6 

EIGRP over Multipoint Subinterfaces 

Discovering Named EIGRP Configuration 

EIGRP Bandwidth Use Across WAN Links 

Configuring OSPFv3 

Details in OSPF over Different Frame Relay Implementations 

Using Cisco Express Forwarding Switching 

OSPF Virtual Links 

Configuring NAT Virtual Interface 

Implementation of NSSA and Totally NSSA OSPF Areas 

Basic IPv6 Internet Connectivity 


Implementing BGP for IPv6 


Securing Cisco Routers


Removed Added
Cisco Service-Oriented Architecture (SONA)  Cisco SDM Templates

Cisco Lifecycle Services and Network Implementation 

DHCP for IPv6


NTP for IPv4 and IPv6, SNTP

SNMP Version 2 Configuration

SNMP Version 3 Configuration

Voice and Video in Campus Networks


Integrating Wireless LAN

Switch Virtualization (StackWise, VSS)


First Hop Redundancy for IPv6


Storm Control 


Removed Added
FCAPS Model Troubleshooting IPv6 Address Assignment on Clients

Troubleshooting TCAM Problems 


Troubleshooting DHCP Snooping 

Understanding Cisco IOS Switching Paths (Process Switching, Fast Switching, CEF) 

Cisco TAC 

Cisco IOS Firewall Security Feature

EIGRP Named Configuration


Troubleshooting FHRP Tracking


Troubleshooting GRE Tunnels


Troubleshooting Policy Based Routing


Troubleshooting EIGRP for IPv6


Troubleshooting BGP for IPv6


Troubleshooting OSPFv3 Address Families Feature

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