We are excited to announce an extension of our learning portfolio with a range of business-oriented tailored training and development programs that include Leadership Development for Executives and Top Management, Management Programs, Sales, Customer Service and Account Management Trainings, Regulation & Resource Supply Programs and Business Trainings for Cisco Channel Partners.

The Tailored Business Training and Development Programs are designed specifically to equip organizations and individuals with the knowledge and skills that affect bottom line and deliver real business value. 

We achieve this through close collaboration with our clients. Every training is customized to clients’ actual business needs and delivered in a way that enables you to embed the acquired skills in your organization. Eventually, we measure and evaluate the impact we have made in comparison to the goals agreed before the program started, ensuring you have the results you expected.

Trainings for your people and organization as a whole 

We help your staff, managers and executives understand how they connect with the bigger organization and commercial picture. Our trainings include the following tailored programs: 

Our approach engages and develops people through interactive solutions that combine classroom training, workshops, e-learning, virtual classroom sessions, workplace support, audio and video toolkits, coaching and self-study. All our multilingual learning consultants have extensive experience from working across the industry and with clients across the globe.

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