The Securing Industrial IoT Networks with Cisco Technologies (ISECIN) training provides hands-on skills and best practices for securing IoT network infrastructure.

The convergence of industrial networks with enterprise networks (IT/OT convergence) and the increasing volume of connected devices are creating new security challenges and threats. Enterprises need to understand the characteristics of and security exposures with Industrial IoT (IIoT) networks in order to leverage the business potential of the digitalization of industrial production and operations. To successfully migrate through this change, enterprises need professionals with a new security skill set and responsibilities.

The new Securing Industrial IoT Networks with Cisco Technologies (ISECIN) training provides the hands-on skills that are necessary to lead and secure high visibility IIoT enabled infrastructure projects. This official Cisco industrial security course highlights the IIoT network architecture and protocols, contrasts current IT vs. OT security practices, discusses IIoT security vulnerabilities, requirements, frameworks and regulations, provides best practices to implement security in depth by utilizing Cisco TrustSec, next-generation firewalls, and intrusion prevention systems. This comprehensive 5-day instructor-led training helps to prepare security professionals to defend and respond to ongoing attacks to critical IoT enabled infrastructures, such as utilities, transportation, and smart cities. See the detailed ISECIN course page to learn more about outline, labs, and outcomes.

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The ISECIN course upskills current security professionals for upcoming IIoT initiatives. In order to fully benefit from the course, students should have at least a CCNA Security level of knowledge. Feel free to contact us for more information about the available training dates and pricing.

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