A Network Programmability education is now a reality.

Open network infrastructures and the need for more close integration with business applications are changing the way you operate and design and build your network.  These changes are evolving networking job roles to focus on providing complex services and architectures rather than systems.  Talented professionals that see this shift and educate themselves and their IT departments can add flexibility, simplification and cost-effectiveness to their applications and network infrastructure.

Cisco is leading this shift, offering a comprehensive curriculum that will continue to expand and grow. The curriculum addresses four industry job roles that will continue to evolve. The new Architect or Network Designer will build on their foundation and enhance their skillset to be able to offer new opportunities to customers, cooperating with developers, and engineers to build new open architectures.

Pre-Learning Course Available

For candidates who are new to Network Programmability and/or Software Defined Networks (SDN), Cisco recommends taking the following course: Introducing Cisco Network Programmability Fundamentals (NPIF).


Job Roles and Trainings

Business Application Engineer

This individual develops business applications  leveraging the programmability capability of the new open network environment. This individual will also leverage API capabilities in order to collect information from the network.

Prerequisites: No Prerequisites

Exams and Recommended Training


Network Application Developer (Available Q3 2014)

The Network Application Developer will be responsible for developing network applications in the programmable environment such as Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE). This is a new role focused on the development of the network applications layer, which can live in any of the Cisco provided programmable components, and will enable service provider, campus, and data center use cases. This individual is a software programmer able to program in Python, C, or other languages in an open networking environment.

Prerequisites: Any CCNA certification


Network Programmability Designer (Available Q3 2014)

In an architect role, this individual will collect the customer requirements, be knowledgeable about the applications that leverage the infrastructure, and translate the customer requirements into a recommended open infrastructure. This individual will provide the functional specifications of the network applications to the network programmability developer.

Prerequisites: Any CCNP certification


Network Programmability Support  (Available Q3 2014)

The network programmability engineer will be responsible for deploying the network applications into the programmable environment and making them operational. The engineer will receive the network application and the infrastructure design from the network programmability designer to deploy, install, and troubleshoot.

Prerequisites: Any CCNP certification

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