As customers, we have come to expect immediate delivery of every service. This expectation also applies to data center services. Now, more than ever, IT deployment of data center resources can make the difference between a successful organization and an ineffective one.

Cisco UCS Director improves consistency, efficiency, and speed within your organization. It accomplishes this by replacing time-consuming, manual provisioning and de-provisioning of data center resources with automated workflows. Cisco UCS Director reduces delivery time from weeks to minutes, helping you to achieve faster service delivery, greater IT agility and significant cost savings.

Cisco has just announced new comprehensive product training to enable you to design, configure, and deploy this leading and effective Data Center/virtualization infrastructure management solution.

Official UCS Director courses for ACI and non-ACI deployments

The new Cisco UCS Director Deployment Foundation (UCSDF) v5.4 and Designing and Deploying Cisco UCS Director with ACI (UCSDACI) v5.4 are official new product training for Cisco UCS Director; UCSDF for Non-ACI deployments and UCSDACI for ACI deployments.

Both are 5-day instructor led, hands-on courses that enables you to understand the different features of Cisco UCS Director software to manage Physical and Virtual Infrastructure elements.

By attending the UCSDF or UCSDACI courses, you will explore Orchestration and Automation functions of Cisco UCS Director to effectively manage infrastructure and automate IT processes. You will get hands-on experience to install and configure Cisco UCS Director software. In addition, you will understand functionality around features such as Bare metal provisioning, Compute/Network/Storage Management, Orchestration, CloupiaScript, SSH and PowerShell Tasks, UCS Director Custom Tasks etc.

UCSDACI v5.4 is a brand new course, while UCSDF is and update to the UCSDF v5.0 training.

Whats new in UCSDF v5.4?

The course updates from v5.0 to v5.4 are as follows:

  • New LDAP features such as user/group filters, tree view, multi group membership
  • Cisco UCS Central support and multi-domain accounts
  • Cisco UCS Director Guided Setup Wizards
  • Multi Windows deployment feature in Cisco UCS Director Baremetal Agent
  • vDC Application Categories, Triggers, Workflow versioning
  • Standalone Server Management
  • New third party devices, EMC supported hardware and VMware Virtual SAN
  • Custom Tasks

More information

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