New courses in the areas of Cisco Prime Services Catalog, Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud, and other Cloud-related technologies from Cisco.

Cisco Process Orchestrator 3: Process Design and Configuration Training (CPO)
Learn how to use, program, test, and administer Cisco Process Orchestrator processes, especially when they are used in conjunction with Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC) and Cisco Prime Service Catalog.

Cisco Prime Services Catalog 10: Advanced Design and Development (CPSCADD)
Learn how to install and maintain the service catalog on an enterprise server, and how to integrate the installation with other aspects of the enterprise's infrastructure.

Cisco Prime Service Catalog 10: Service Manager (CPSCSM)
Learn to use Cisco Prime Service Catalog 10 Service Manager to organize, manage, and complete task assignments, as well as to manage service delivery teams and processes.

Cisco Prime Service Catalog 10: Advanced Reporting (CPSCAR)
Learn how to run reports and how to build custom reports. Get exposed to reporting best practices and learn to perform reporting administration tasks. Read more.

Implementing and Configuring Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 4.0 (IAC)
Learn the components, features, and functions of the Cisco IAC 4.0 solution architecture and identify hardware and software prerequisites. Also, in hands-on labs, install the base software products of the Cisco IAC solution and then deploy and configure Cisco IAC 4.0.

Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 4.0: Operation and Administration Training (IACOA)
Get hands-on experience managing tenants, organizations, and users in a multitenant environment; making changes to networks and computing and storage resources; and monitoring system health and resource capacity. Also, troubleshoot and resolve common Cisco IAC errors.

Cisco Prime Service Catalog 10: Designing Services (CPSCDS)
Learn how to use the service designer, service item manager, portal designer, and service link modules to develop a service catalog, as well as how to use the service catalog, order management and service manager modules to submit requests and fulfill service delivery plans.

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