Cisco announced updates to CCIE Lab exam procedures and environment to enhance the candidate testing experience.

Over the past couple of months, Cisco's CCIE program team implemented a couple of changes to the CCIE Lab exam rules, testing environments, and exam locations. The enhancements were made based on the feedback and recommendations from candidates. Below is a short overview of the changes.

30-day CCIE Lab exam retake policy

Based on CCIE candidates’ feedback, in 2015 Cisco temporarily changed their lab exam retake policy, allowing candidates to repeat the lab exam already after 30 days. Previously, candidates had to wait for longer periods, corresponding to the number of failed testing attempts. This change is now permanent, so candidates now have to wait only 30 days to retake the CCIE lab exam, regardless of the number of previous attempts.

New CCIE Mobile Lab locations

Another update has been made in the area of locations where candidates can take the CCIE lab exams. Cisco conducted a poll and based on the responses they will consider implementing new mobile lab locations. Click here to see the currently available mobile CCIE Labs dates and locations.

Dual monitors at the exam

In order to simulate a real-world work environment at the lab exam, Cisco implemented dual monitors at their CCIE testing centers. They have already added dual monitors in all of their permanent lab locations and to the majority of mobile labs. The remaining locations will be equipped within the next few months.


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