Changes will enable candidates to bridge their core technology expertise with the knowledge of evolving technologies such as cloud, IoT, and network programmability.

Cisco announced a new framework to validate the skills required by industries to meet the demand for emerging technology and business insights. This change means that all expert-level certification programs (CCIE and CCDE) will now include a new topic on evolving technologies that will be part of the written exam (lab exams will not be affected).

The written exams will be adjusted to include the “Evolving Technologies” section, which will have three subdomains and a total of five tasks. The new section will account for 10 percent of the total score while the remaining core technologies will account for 90 percent.

Evolving Technologies Domain Overview

  • 1. Cloud
    • 1.1: Compare and contrast Cloud deployment models
      • Infrastructure, platform, and software services (XaaS)
      • Performance and reliability
      • Security and privacy
      • Scalability and interoperability
    • 1.2: Describe Cloud implementations and operations
      • Automation and orchestration
      • Workload mobility
      • Troubleshooting and management
      • OpenStack components
  • 2. Network Programmability
    • 2.1: Describe functional elements of network programmability (SDN) and how they interact
      • Controllers
      • APIs
      • Scripting
      • Agents
      • Northbound vs. Southbound protocols
    • 2.2: Describe aspects of virtualization and automation in network environments
      • DevOps methodologies, tools and workflows
      • Network/application function virtualization (NFV, AFV)
      • Service function chaining
      • Performance, availability, and scaling considerations
  • 3. Internet of Things
    • 3.1: Describe architectural framework and deployment considerations for Internet of Things (IoT)
      • Performance, reliability and scalability
      • Mobility
      • Security and privacy
      • Standards and compliance
      • Migration
      • Environmental impacts on the network

As of today, the Evolving Technologies section will focus on the three subdomains of cloud, IoT, and network programmability. This section will be refreshed with new and emerging technologies as they are developed and adopted by the industry. The core technology section of the written exams will continue to be revised only during its normal revision cycle.

The written exams with the inclusion of the Evolving Technologies topics will be available for testing beginning on July 25, 2016.


Written Exam Topics Used for Testing Before July 25, 2016

Written Exam Topics Used for Testing From July 25, 2016:

CCIE Routing and Switching

Existing exam topics version 5.0

Recalibrated exam topics version 5.1

CCIE Wireless

Existing exam topics version 3.0

Recalibrated exam topics version 3.1

CCIE Security

Existing exam topics version 4.0

Recalibrated exam topics version 4.1

CCIE Service Provider

Existing exam topics version 4.0

Recalibrated exam topics version 4.1

CCIE Collaboration

Existing exam topics version 1.0

Recalibrated exam topics version 1.1


Existing exam topics version 2.0

Recalibrated exam topics version 2.1

CCIE Data Center

Existing written exam 350-080 and its corresponding exam topics will be available for candidates who are scheduled to take the test BEFORE July 25, 2016.

The new unified exam topics version 2.0 will be used for the new written exam (400-151) and lab exam and is recommended for candidates scheduled to take the test on July 25, 2016 or beyond.

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