At the first CCIE Club Africa meeting in 2015, held in March in Johannesburg, South African CCIEs talked about an interesting project that applies innovative Cisco technologies and outstanding engineering to set the world land speed record.

CCIE Club Africa, a joint project between Cisco and NIL, brings together CCIE-certified experts from Africa. NIL manages the club’s activities, parts of which are also the periodical events for members. They typically take place in South Africa, where the majority of the members come from. On March 19 the first CCIE Club Africa meeting in 2015 was held there.

At the event we presented an interesting project, involving the participation of both Cisco and NIL. The Bloodhound project is aiming to set the world land speed record to 1600 km/h. At the event Christopher Maxwell explained in detail the technical and ICT solutions that drive the initiative. The record attempt is going to take place in South Africa later this year.

Additionally, the event also hosted activities for CCIE Club Africa members' spouses. This time they brought attention to the Stop Rhino Poaching project, by engaging in a popular tradition of beading art for Africa’s Rhinos.

The CCIE Club Africa was launched in March 2013 and has been a big success for NIL and Cisco, founders of the Club. The aim of the initiative is to connect the whole African CCIE-community and to become a platform that fosters networking among holders of the elite CCIE-certification.


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