Get more from your Cisco solutions investment - redeem Cisco Learning Credits with NIL

Cisco Learning Credits offer an easy way to pay for authorized training redeemable with NIL. Cisco Learning Credits are a form of pre-paid training and offer the unrivaled ability to purchase, redeem and manage Cisco authorized training, empowering you to optimize your Cisco hardware, software or support services investment. Learning Credits may be added to your purchase order when ordering other Cisco products or purchased separately. Each Cisco Learning Credit (sold in packs of 10, 100, 500 and 1500) pays for US$100 worth of high-quality training, is valid for one year, and enables you to:

  • Secure training budget upfront and prepay in the form of credits at time of product purchase or separately.
  • Streamline administrative processes by reducing expense reimbursements with a single budget and purchase order.
  • Realize a faster return on your investment
  • Use the Training Map to determine how many Learning Credits to purchase.
  • Work with NIL to develop a customized and flexible training plan.
  • Redeem Learning Credits with NIL.
  • Assess and keep track of your organization’s training needs with the unique Learning Credit Management Tool (LCMT), available anytime.
  • Obtain a complete solution that includes Cisco authorized training.

How to Redeem Cisco Learning Credits?

Cisco Learning Credits are valid for one year from activation on LCMT. They can be redeemed for high-quality, authorized Cisco training from NIL Learning, Cisco Advanced Services Education, or through the Cisco Partner E-Learning Connection (PEC). Each Cisco Learning Credit is worth USD $100 toward the purchase of Cisco authorized training.

Cisco Learning Credits are listed on the Cisco Global Product and Services price list and may be ordered along with Cisco equipment or as a stand-alone item for an integrated network solution. Cisco Learning Credits are managed in a unique and powerful online database, the Cisco Learning Credits Management Tool.

Part Number Cisco Learning Credits List Price (USD)
TRN-CLC-000 10 $1000
TRN-CLC-001 100 $10,000
TRN-CLC-002 500 $50,000
TRN-CLC-003 1500 $150,000

Each Cisco Learning Credit purchase has a unique Sales Order Number. This number is provided to the Cisco Learning Partner as payment when registering for a class. Once the Cisco Account Manager has designated a “Customer Team Captain”, the customer receives an email with details on accessing the Learning Credit Management Tool. Customers can redeem Cisco Learning Credits with NIL and choose from any of our Cisco courses on offer.

The Value of Cisco Authorized Training Through Cisco Learning Partners

Cisco Learning Partners like NIL Learning are the only authorized channel sources for Cisco training. As such, they are qualified to deliver customized, market-leading Cisco training that incorporates the latest training content and Cisco intellectual property. NIL is one of the leading Authorized Training Providers, holding Cisco Learning Partner Specialized and Cisco Business Learning Partner designations. Our high-quality training delivery and customer satisfaction were recognized numerous times, including by winning Cisco Global Learning Partner of the Year award.


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