Duration: 2 days
Version: 1.0

Continuing Education credits: 12 points

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Price in Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs): 18
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The Reporting Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (CCER) is an instructor-led or virtual instructor-led course, which provides an architectural overview of the Contact Center Enterprise (CCE) Solution components and deployment models. You will learn the end-to-end reporting solutions of CCE designed to assist customers and partners in the task of creating reports and managing disparate data sources.

The course explains the nuances of analyzing and troubleshooting in various deployment scenarios: Designed Tier 2/Day 2 Support. The Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (CCE) solution helps businesses deliver a connected digital experience, enabling you to provide contextual, continuous, and capability-rich journeys for your customers, across time and channels. The course teaches you the business application of the CCE solution providing the framework of interrelationship between both core and optional components required to configure the CCE solution.

This course will help you:
  • consolidate disparate data into manageable, comprehensive reports,
  • understand the business application of the CCE solution and how it provides a framework of correlation between core and optional components.


Upon completing this course, students will be able to meet these objectives:
  • Explain the Cisco Unified Intelligence Center including the benefits and features of the system and describe the high-level architecture of Cisco Unified Intelligence Center in the UCCE environment
  • Understand the Cisco Unified Intelligence Center administration console to perform Cisco Unified Intelligence Center administrative, maintenance and provisioning functions
  • Discuss the functional attributes of the Cisco Unified Intelligence Center
  • Customize Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Reports and Views


The course contains these components:
  • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Foundations
      • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center - Basics
      • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center - Deployment Models
  • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Administration and Operations Console
      • Operations Console (OAMP) Console Introduction
      • Admin User Management
  • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Attributes
      • Stock Reporting
      • Dashboard Features
  • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Custom Reports and Views
      • Creating Views
      • Building Report Definitions

Lab outline:
  • Exploring Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC) OAMP
  • Working with Stock Reports
  • Working with Dashboards
  • Value Lists and Collections
  • Exploring Supervisor Defaults
  • Using Groups
  • Editing Report Views Pt 1 of 2
  • Editing Report Views Pt 2 of 2
  • Report Definitions and Drilldowns
  • Create Custom Route Call Detail (RCD) Report Definition (Database Query) and Report
  • Value Lists and Drilldowns

Prerequisite Knowledge

To fully benefit from this course, you should have the following knowledge:
  • Basic knowledge of computer networking components: Windows Active Directory (AD) SQL Server and components (servers, routers, switch) is helpful but not required
  • Understanding of Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise components and call flows
  • Experience administering Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise

Recommended Cisco offerings that may help you meet these prerequisites:
This course is designed for:
  • Administrators
  • Business liaisons
  • Deployment engineers
  • Managers overseeing CCE deployments