Effective after June 14th  2021, customers will not be able to pay for Cisco training with Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) directly to Cisco Learning partners anymore. To use your CLCs with NIL Learning, you must book and start any CLC-eligible course on or before  June 14th 2021! We offer a special 10% discount on any eligible CLC training scheduled between April 19 and June 11, 2021.

UPDATE: You can again use CLCs for Cisco training delivered by NIL Learning!

You can still use your Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) for courses provided by NIL Learning. Check out the upcoming dates and register!

Outdated announcement below:

Cisco has announced important changes to the Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) program that has a direct impact on how you, as customers can spend your CLCs as a form of payment for Cisco training. Effective after June 14, 2021, customers may not redeem Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) directly with Cisco Learning partners like NIL Learning for purchasing training and/or learning offerings.

More information

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about redeeming CLCs with NIL Learning or about the implications of the CLCs program changes for you as a Cisco customer.

To learn more about CLCs, visit this page or send us an email – we'll be happy to help!

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