Starting with May 30th 2022, NIL Learning will be authorized to deliver additional high-end Cisco Learning Services (CLS) courses for you: SPCOR, SPRI, SPVI, ASR9KE, CLAUI and DCNXA trainings!  You can also pay for them with Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) through Cisco!

A few of the previously-owned Cisco Learning Services (CLS) courses are now available at NIL Learning as well. You can also pay with Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) through Cisco!

The following courses will be available at NIL Learning by May 30th:

Contact us if you need to book any of the above-mentioned courses and we will be happy to schedule a date. There will also be open enrollment dates scheduled; check our web site for dates if you only need a seat or two.

IMPORTANT! You will also be able to pay the course fee with CLCs (through Cisco).

About NIL Learning

NIL Learning delivers leading-edge standard and advanced Cisco training to IT professionals and companies around the globe. Through field-proven experts — each is an active engineer, content developer and instructor – we enhance the standard learning curriculum with real-life experience to maximize the client's training investment.

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