Gregor Šemrl

Gregor Šemrl

Gregor Šemrl is an IT veteran with 20 years of experience, including 6 years as an instructor.

Gregor likes the Cisco NSO technology, which provides a bridge between automation and orchestration frameworks and the underlying physical and virtual infrastructure from any vendor. A rich set of northbound software interfaces allow NSO to easily integrate with any number of tools and systems. That is why he recommends the NSO201 course to all Network Engineers and NetDevOps Engineers.   

His expertise has earned him the esteemed Cisco Excellence Award in the Service Provider category for both 2021 and 2022.

Gregor's Cisco instructor score (scale of 1-5): 4,8

Fun fact about Gregor: As an instructor, he really wants to connect with the audience and sometimes there is enough time to do things outside of the box. Once, he actually enhanced the training by configuring a customer device on the spot, so the customer really saw the benefit of the training!

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