Cisco Learning Services (CLS) formerly known as Cisco High-Touch Delivery Learning Services (HTDLS) and Advanced Services Education (ASE)

Accelerate your IT skills and strengthen your company’s competitive edge – use NIL Learning and Cisco’s comprehensive CLS approach to technical staff development and training.

The main goal of Cisco CLS is to optimize network investment, speeding up the adoption and migration of advanced technologies by providing solutions for customer-oriented skills development.

Led by NIL Learning’s instructors, classroom sessions include intensive, hands-on lab work covering network connectivity, device configuration and troubleshooting. All NIL Learning instructors are active, field-proven consult- ing engineers with years of experience on Cisco technologies, ensuring that all our offered courses are aligned with engineering best practices and recommendations.

Cisco CLS offerings focus on the deployment and integration of major Cisco advanced technologies, covering the following areas:


Cloud and OpenStack

Students will receive hands-on training to implement and operate custom Cisco Cloud solutions faster and more reliably.

Available training:



In this suite of instructor-led classes students learn how to integrate Cisco Collaboration technology into their daily work lives.

Available training:


Data Center

Students practice building virtualized, cloud-based data centers in these hands-on, solution-based courses.

Available training:


Data and Analytics

In this training curriculum, students will receive extensive hands-on training for integrated data management and virtualization..

Available training:

  • Data and Management courses:
    • Cisco Big Data Analytics, Architecture and Management (ANDMB)
    • Advanced Big Data Analytics, Architecture, Management and Applications (ANDMA)
  • Data Virtualization courses
    • Cisco Information Server Basic (ANCISB)
    • Cisco Information Server Administration (ANCISM)
    • Cisco Information Server Advanced (ANCISV)


Network Management

Students learn the fundamental concepts on which servers are based to help them understand how to troubleshoot problems relating to installation, configuration, and other issues.

Available training:


Optical Networking

These Industry-leading courses highlight applications and implementations supported by the Cisco ONS 15454 and Cisco Network Convergence System 2000 Series.

Available training:



This thorough, hands-on, and relevant training experience places students in the forefront of a high-demand area.

Available training:


Service Provider Mobility

Courses focus on configuration, administration, troubleshooting, deep-packet inspection, traffic analytics, and more.

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Service Provider Routing

These offerings train students on all the major routing and Metro Ethernet features and technologies found in today’s next-generation networks.

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Service Provider Video

Students learn how to manage, configure, troubleshoot, and provide services for Cisco video solutions.

Available training: