NIL Learning offers a comprehensive portfolio of networking and IT related training offerings and services. A range of learning options gives you the flexibility to mix and match various products to suit your specific needs.

Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) remains one of the most efficient and popular methods for teaching high-end technology content. Traditional instructor-led training allows learners to gain more knowledge and deeper skills in less time — under the instruction guidance and mentorship of certified NIL Learning instructors. Each instructor develops a broad range of IT content, and their well-organized and professionally delivered teaching style enables learners to grasp key components of the courses efficiently. In addition to improving their teaching skills continually, NIL instructors work as field engineers on a daily basis. They are engaged in real-life projects and gain hands-on technical experience while working with NIL’s major customers in Europe, USA, APAC, Middle East, and Africa. See the schedule for our up-to-date training dates.

Technology-Led Training

Attend instructor-led training from your home, office or come to NIL Learning! Award-winning Technology-Led Training (TLT) enables NIL Learning to run training across the whole Europe/Africa region. TLT integrates the latest Cisco collaboration technologies, ensuring high-quality training and a fully interactive learning experience. For TLT, NIL received the Innovation Award at Cisco Global Learning Partner Summit in 2013.


Contact our team for detailed technical requirements to attend the training via TLT.

E-Learning & Remote Labs

Practice is a key component in gaining IT and networking skills. However, the traditional classroom time is often too scarce for learners to try all the aspects of a certain technology, and the production environment doesn’t allow for disruptions of daily processes.

You want to try scenarios, practicing over and over again? You need to test your knowledge? At the time that suits you best? At the place — and pace — most comfortable for you? With all the necessary information at hand?

The NIL E-Learning solution, with integrated NIL Remote Labs, addresses these challenges.

NIL E-Learning is a remote, study-on-demand learning service, where you are in control of your progress. All the content is available at any time, allowing you to adjust the pace of studying to fit your schedule. Supported by NIL Remote Labs, the NIL E-Learning solution is a powerful learning tool for students who want a flexible way of studying, with maximized learning capability.

With NIL Remote Labs, you practice real scenarios on real equipment. The labs can be used as a part of traditional instructor-led training (ILT), but they’re also available in an e-learning environment for individual users, either as a standalone component or blended with other e-learning content.

Advanced Class Webinars

NIL Advanced Engineer Program offers a series of live Advanced Class Webinars, divided into different technology tracks. Each track consists of a minimum of three sessions per year. Advanced classes are delivered via WebEx, ensuring easy participation from a variety of devices (laptop, tablet, etc.). This technology also enables you to interact seamlessly with other participants and the instructor. After each session, you can ask questions that will be answered and accessible after the session. Subscribers who can’t join the live session or who want to watch the session again can access recordings. However, we emphasize attending the scheduled classes, and thus we notify students via e-mail before the live sessions. A variety of subscriptions are available. Individuals can register for a single class or subscribe to the whole technology track (annual subscription). A corporate subscription is available for organizations that want to maintain the skills of multiple members of their engineering teams over a longer period of time. Please contact the NIL team for more details.