Getting started

If you currently hold an Associate, Specialist, Professional, or Expert certification, you have multiple choices and a wide range of eligible training resources available to you for recertification via the Cisco Continuing Education Program. By staying connected with the certified professional community and continuously honing your skills to adapt to evolving technologies, you can ensure the longevity of your active certification status. Embrace the flexibility offered and keep your expertise up to date.

Continuing Education requirements

To maintain your active certification status, it is important to fulfill all recertification requirements before your certification expiration date. Credits earned through the Cisco Continuing Education Program accumulate until you recertify your highest level of certification. Upon recertification, all certifications at that level and below will be renewed.

In the event that your certification(s) expire, you will be required to complete the full examination process anew in order to regain active status. However, there is a silver lining: any "Pending" CE credits that were in progress at the time of expiration will be retrospectively applied towards recertification. Once your claim is validated, these credits will be considered based on the date of activity completion, assisting you in your recertification journey.

Certification level & duration Continuing Education only Combination of Continuing Education & Exam
Associate - 3 years Earn 30 CE credits  
Specialist - 3 years Earn 40 CE credits  
Professional - 3 years Earn 80 CE credits Earn 40 credits AND pass one professional level exam
CCIE – 3 years Earn 120 CE credits
  • Earn 40 credits AND pass one technology core exam
  • Earn 40 credits AND pass any two professional level exams
  • Earn 80 credits AND pass any one professional exam
CCDE – 3 years Earn 120 CE credits
  • Earn 40 credits AND pass one technology core exam
  • Earn 40 credits AND pass any two professional level exams
  • Earn 80 credits AND pass any one professional exam

Once a certification is retired, no new certifications will be issued, and they will no longer be available for recertification. However, the existing certification will remain active until the candidate's individual expiration date. For more details on retired certifications, please refer to the Retired Certifications page.

The provided table summarizes the available options for recertification through the Continuing Education Program. Alternatively, certified individuals can recertify by successfully passing certification exams or progressing to the next level of certification at any time. To access our comprehensive policy and explore the complete list of recertification options, please visit the recertification policy page.

Continuing Education process

To recertify via Continuing Education, complete the following steps before your current certification becomes inactive:

Getting started

1. Choose your recertification path

  • Review recertification options and determine how many credits you need to recertify
  • Active certification holders log in to the Continuing Education program portal and accept the terms and conditions
  • Explore the catalog

2. Earn/Claim Continuing Education credits

3. Track your progress and certification status

4. Recertification

  • Recertification occurs automatically once criteria are satisfied.

For Qualifying Continuing Education item categories and Continuing Education program policy and rules please click here

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