Duration: 1 days
Version: 1.0

Continuing Education credits: not included in the CE credit-eligible courses

The Install Application and Machine Agents for Cisco AppDynamics (IMP862) training teaches you the architecture of agents, and how to install and troubleshoot the installation of Java, .NET, Dynamic App, and Machine agents. You'll also learn how to troubleshoot installation issues using log files, allocate licenses, name agents, automate agent deployment, and find and install machine agent extensions.

This training will help you:
  • Learn about the architecture of agents, including installation and troubleshooting
  • Gain leading-edge skills for high-demand responsibilities in the cloud computing industry


Course Objectives:
  • Learn how to install and upgrade Java, .NET, dynamic applications, and machine agents and their extensions


Course Outline:
  • Install and upgrade Java, .NET, dynamic application
  • Install and upgrade machine agents
  • Install and upgrade machine agent extensions

Prerequisite Knowledge

Course Prerequisites:
  • Ability to navigate Linux and Windows environments
  • Fluency in Linux Command-Line Interface (CLI) commands, including ability to change file or folder permissions, copy or move files, run executables, find files based on content search, find running processes, and edit text files using Virtual Interfaces (VI), Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM), or nano
  • Knowledge and understanding of Java and other programming languages Runtime Environments (e.g., Java Runtime Environment [JRE], Common Language Runtime [CLR])
  • Understanding of Application Servers general structure and behavior, and modern web browser behavior

Who Should Enroll:
  • IT professionals who deploy Cisco AppDynamics application agents
  • Architects, Administrators, Consultants, and Engineers who need to install, upgrade, and troubleshoot installation of the Cisco AppDynamics application agents