Duration: 2 days
Version: 2.0

The Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM) training is intended for solution architects, engineers, and business process engineers. During this training you will learn how to use Cisco Workload Optimization Manager ver 2.3 to optimize and automate workload placements in real time across hybrid clouds implemented on different Cisco Solutions. You will also discover how to customize the look and feel of the CWOM interface, how to create a new value on hardware modernization, and how to plan and execute the data center resources migration to Public Cloud.

Throughout the session, a major focus will be on understanding how CWOM management solution enables customers to simultaneously assure application performance and maximize data center resources efficiency in real time. Automated decision-making so that the data center stack can dynamically adjust to changing demand will also be discussed.

Participants will install CWOM software, provision data center integration, get familiar with user interface, learn how to perform administrative tasks, customize the dashboard and create reports, learn how to use recommendations and automated actions to keep the environment running in an optimized state, test modelling capabilities, and simulate a migration to and from the Public Cloud to optimize a Hybrid Cloud solution.

For more information about the course objectives and detailed outline, please contact our team.