The Cisco Secure SD-WAN and SASE Deep Dive Design and Operations (SDWANBDO) v.1.0 is a 3-day instructior-led or virtual instructor-led course where the focus is on the fundamentals of the solution; it enables participants to deploy the solution in a lab, learn about the architecture and fundamental principles. To actually design and operate a real-life SD-WAN network, more in-depth knowledge is required. WAN Edge devices are CSR1000v (cEdge) and vEdge Cloud virtual routers running IOS XE 17.3 / 20.3 release. It is a high-end training, focused on the detailed design and operation of a real-life network, with 50% personal lab exercises.

The SDWANBDO course that is part of Cisco Black Belt Academy Aligned Content. It belongs to the stage: Black Belt SD-WAN Deployment Stage-3.

For more information about the course objectives and detailed outline, please contact our team.