The Cisco SAN Practitioner (NIL-DCIMDS) v1.0 is 1-day training that gives you an overview of Cisco MDS 9000 Series Multilayer Switches, including software features, management capabilities, migration options to MDS 9000 family and licensing options available for Cisco MDS 9000 and Cisco Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM). You will learn the key features that contribute to high performance and availability, flexibility, and operational simplicity and investment protection.

During the course, you will also watch several demo videos on how to use Cisco DCNM and Cisco MDS 9000 basic features and advanced features such as Smart Zoning, Streaming and Telemetry, SAN Insights and Slow-drain Analysis. Using the SAN Insights feature, you will learn how to monitor SAN metrics, view health score, identify communication paths and troubleshoot SAN networks by identifying bottlenecks of your SAN network. You’ll gain a technical understanding of how to build scalable storage networks, or migrate existing Brocade SAN networks to the robust, flexible hardware architecture with network and storage management intelligence.
After you have successfully passed the final test, you will receive the certificate of completion.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Describe Cisco MDS SAN features and advantages
  • Describe business drivers for moving to 32G and 64G fiber channel
  • Describe fixed and modular platforms
  • Describe Cisco MDS architecture and high-availability mechanisms
  • Describe technologies used in modern SANs
  • Describe SAN management with Cisco DCNM
  • Explain configuration steps for SAN Insights feature, and how to monitor SAN metrics and troubleshoot SAN networks easily using SAN Insights feature
  • Describe advanced SAN features such as Smart Zoning, Slow-Drain Analysis and Telemetry and Streaming
  • Explain options for integration between Cisco MDS 9000 and third party SAN Management solutions
  • Explain migration options from Brocade SAN Switches to Cisco MDS 9000
  • Describe licensing options for Cisco DCNM and Cisco MDS 9000


The course contains these components:
  • Describing Cisco MDS Platform
      Introduction and Advantages of Cisco MDS
      Business Drivers for 32Gbps and 64Gbps FC
      Cisco MDS Fixed Platforms
      Cisco MDS Modular Platforms
      Cisco MDS Switches High Availability
      Cisco MDS Switches Redundancy
  • Management options for Cisco MDS Switches
      Cisco NX-OS CLI
      Cisco Data Center Network Manager
      Cisco NX-API
  • Key MDS Features
      Describing Storage Technologies
      FC Domains, VSANs and IVR
      Using Port-Channels
      Using NPV and NPIV
      Zoning and Smart Zoning Overview
  • Advanced MDS and DCNM Features
      Why Do We Need Advanced Features?
      Slow-Drain Analysis
      SAN Analytics and Telemetry Streaming
      DCNM SAN Insights
  • Migrating infrastructure from Brocade SAN Switches to Cisco MDS
      Reasons for Migration
      Technology Naming and Concepts
      Interoperability modes
      Migration Scenarios
  • Licenses and Competitive Advantages
      NX-OS Licensing
      DCNM SAN Licensing
      Reasons Why You Should Choose Cisco MDS Switches

Prerequisite Knowledge

It is recommended, but not required, to have the following skills and knowledge before attending this course:
  • Experience managing data center deployments
  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of SAN technologies
  • Understanding of business and application requirements