Duration: 3 days
Version: 1.1

The Cisco ACI Troubleshooting (CATS) training provides engineers with knowledge and hands-on experience based on lab activities. This content is derived from real world troubleshooting techniques developed by Cisco TAC and now placed into an official training course. This training equips engineers with practical knowledge and understanding how to use available tools to troubleshoot new and existing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) solutions based on the most common issues seen by Cisco TAC.

The primary objective of this course is to enable Cisco ACI deployment partners to be more skilled with ACI delivery with their own customers, and potentially be in a position to offer optional Shared Support on ACI in the future. Optionally, this class can be delivered to customer engineers where appropriate.

Note: This course is not intended for beginners. It is designed for engineers who have at least an intermediate level of ACI operational knowledge and want to take the next step.

The CATS course is part of Cisco Black Belt Academy Aligned Content. It belongs to the stage: Black Belt ACI Support Stage-2.

For more information about the course objectives and detailed outline, please contact our team.