The Cisco ACI Troubleshooting (CATS) v1.0 is a 3-day intensive troubleshooting training that provides engineers with knowledge and hands-on experience based on lab activities. This content is derived from real world troubleshooting techniques developed by Cisco TAC and now put into an official training course. The training prepares engineers to understand how to use available tools to troubleshoot new and existing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) solutions based on the most common issues seen by Cisco TAC.

The primary intent is to enable our ACI deployment partners to be more capable with ACI delivery within their own customers and potentially be in a position to offer optional Shared Support on ACI in the future. Optionally this class can be delivered to customer engineers where appropriate.

This course is only available as a private training (up to 16 people). Price on request.


After finishing this course, you will be able to:
  • Troubleshoot Cisco ACI initial Deployment
  • Identify and use troubleshooting tools
  • Compare troubleshooting outputs from GUI and CLI
  • Identify and deploy fault and monitoring policies
  • Troubleshoot access policies and logical objects configuration
  • Troubleshoot Intra-Fabric forwarding
  • Troubleshoot L3Out datapath and transit routing
  • Troubleshoot VMM domain integration and microsegmentation
  • Understand prerequisites and requirements for opening a TAC case


The course contains the following components:
  • Troubleshoot Cisco ACI Initial Deployment
    • Cisco ACI Fabric Discovery
    • Cisco ACI Upgrade
    • Access Policies
    • Logical Objects
  • Cisco ACI Troubleshooting Tools
    • Unix/Linux Commands Primer
    • Object Model: Logical – Resolved – Concrete
    • Tools using API (Visore, MOQuery, iCurl)
    • Fault and Monitoring Policies
  • Troubleshoot Intra-Fabric Forwarding in Cisco ACI
    • VLANs in Cisco ACI
    • Datapath L2
    • ARP resolution
    • Datapath L3
    • EPM Troubleshooting
    • Flooding and Multicast in ACI Fabric
    • ACI L2 Extension and STP
    • COOP
    • Contract and Policy Enforcement
  • Troubleshoot ACI L3 Out
    • L3 Out Datapath
    • L3out with eBGP Configuration and Troubleshooting
    • L3out with OSPF Configuration and Troubleshooting
    • Transit Routing in ACI
    • L3out Subnet Flag Details
    • ARP in L3 Out
  • Troubleshooting VMM Integration
    • Integration with VMware vDS
    • Cisco AVS
    • Microsegmentation
    • Basic VMM Health Checks
    • VMM Troubleshooting Use Cases
    • AVS Troubleshooting and Debugging
  • Opening a Case with TAC

Labs Outline:
  • Cisco ACI fabric discovery failure (demo by instructor)
    • Discovering fabric components that failed to join fabric
    • Fixing joining issues
  • Cisco ACI Troubleshooting Tools
    • egrep
    • Visore
    • MOQuery
    • iCurl
  • Cisco ACI Intra-Fabric Forwarding
    • Troubleshoot EPG configuration parameters
    • Troubleshoot traffic forwarding within same BD
    • Troubleshoot traffic forwarding between EPGs in different BD
    • Troubleshoot security filtering
  • Cisco ACI L3 OUT Trubleshooting
    • Troubleshooting BGP Connectivity
    • Troubleshooting OSPF Connectivity
    • Troubleshooting Transit Connectivity
  • Cisco ACI VMM Troubleshooting
    • Troubleshooting VMware vCenter Integration
    • Associating ESX Host with DVS
    • Troubleshooting EPG Operations with VMM Domain
  • Exporting TechSupport
    • Define Remote Location
    • Creating and Exporting On-demand TechSupport Files
    • Exporting Audit Log

Prerequisite Knowledge

Attendees should be familiar with Cisco Data Center solutions and have an intermediate level of ACI Operational Knowledge