Duration: 1 days
Version: 1.0

Continuing Education credits: not included in the CE credit-eligible courses

The Administer Users and Licenses for Cisco AppDynamics (APM400) training shows that Cisco AppDynamics uses a role-based access control model to assign permissions to users and groups. In this training, you will learn how to create users locally, as well as how to manage your company's users in Cisco AppDynamics using an external Identity Provider (IDP), specifically, Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) IDP in this training. You'll create roles and groups to assign permissions to users. You will also explore the differences between the agent-based licensing (ABL) model and infrastructure-based licensing (IBL) model and learn how to migrate from ABL to IBL.

This training will help you:
  • Understand how to assign permissions to users and groups in AppDynamics
  • Gain leading-edge skills for high-demand responsibilities in the cloud computing industry


Course Objectives:
  • Learn how to create users locally, roles to assign permissions, and groups
  • Understand how to configure Cisco AppDynamics to use your external identity provider
  • Get introduced to license management, including ABL and IBL


Course Outline:
  • Create users locally
  • Create roles to assign permissions
  • Create a group and add a user to the group
  • Add a role to a user and a group
  • Configure Cisco AppDynamics to use your external identity provider in conjunction with AppDynamics groups and roles to provide authentication and access to the Controller
  • Introduction to license management
  • Agent-based licensing (ABL) and Infrastructure-based licensing (IBL)
  • Migrate ABL to IBL
  • Create license rules

Prerequisite Knowledge

The skills you are expected to have before attending this training are found in the following Cisco Learning Offering:
  • Introduction to Cisco AppDynamics (APM210)

Who Should Enroll:
  • Cisco AppDynamics platform administrators who need to manage account licenses, assign permissions to users, and/or connect Cisco AppDynamics to an external IDP