The Global Collaborator award recognizes Cisco Learning Partners for their agility and ability to create outstanding training programs. NIL was chosen based on our collaborative relationship with not only Learning@Cisco but also the broader Cisco ecosystem.

We are proud to announce NIL was named Cisco Global Learning Partner of the Year 2018 – Collaborator at the Cisco Platinum Learning Partner Summit 2018 in Hawaii. The achievement highlights our strong relationship with Cisco and Learning@Cisco, and the highest customer satisfaction with the training programs that we together develop and deliver.

In recent years, NIL was involved in Cisco’s global enablement programs on some of their strategic technologies in Data Center and Cloud, Software Defined Networking and Security areas. As Cisco is capturing new markets with them, it’s crucial that we are able to successfully support their go-to-market activities with trainings that help customers and partners understand the business advantages of the solutions and enable them to yield these benefits,” said Bojan Kotnik, Director of Learning Services at NIL, and added: “I would like to thank Cisco for their trust and partnership as well as our technical and sales teams for their hard work. The award is the result of the effort put forth by everyone involved and the positive attitude that drives the constant improvement of our programs, delivery methods, and overall customer satisfaction.

NIL assisted in the development of the first official Cisco training and, for 25 years, we have been at the forefront of advanced contributors to Cisco’s technologies, learning curriculum, and value-added solutions. The Global Collaborator title is already the third partner award at the highest level that NIL received from Cisco in the last 5 years.

NIL delivers a complete portfolio of standard and advanced Cisco training to IT professionals and companies around the globe. Through field-proven experts - each is an active engineer, content developer, and instructor - we enhance the learning curriculum with real-life experience to maximize the client's training investment. NIL holds the Cisco Platinum Learning Partner status and Cisco Business Learning Partner status.

Training and content development are the key pillars in NIL’s portfolio and represent an integral part of our overall strategy in providing IT solutions and services that help customers grow their business.

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