NIL is currently conducting a tailored series of comprehensive learning courses for a major Operational Technology (OT) customer in the transportation sector in the US. This initiative spotlights the crucial role of understanding industrial networking and underscores NIL's expertise in educating OT professionals on the nuances of industrial networking and Cisco's Cyber Vision.

The training is strategically designed to equip OT professionals with essential skills to navigate the complexities of IT networking. Addressing challenges such as a lack of security, growing network complexity, and specific security concerns in traffic control systems the course positions Cisco Cyber Vision as a transformative solution to enhance availability, security, and visibility in OT networks. Key features include monitoring network redundancy, early error detection, and addressing challenges posed by legacy equipment.

NIL's experts bring a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights with real-life examples of the consequences of network issues, all in the light of emphasizing safety and availability in industrial environments. And Cisco Cyber Vision plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between legacy systems and modern security requirements, positioning it as a transformative solution that enhances the resilience and robustness of OT networks.

Effectively addressing challenges in OT zones, NIL’s expertise, coupled with Cisco Cyber Vision deployment capabilities, enhance network visualization for improved operational efficiency and security.

NIL's training initiative marks a crucial step in fortifying the security, availability, and efficiency of transportation or any other OT networks.

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