Fastest, easiest access to the depth and breadth of Cisco’s technical expertises.

Official Cisco Digital Learning is a comprehensive combination of online certification, technology and product training with a large library of learning resources, labs, and problem-solving reference materials, all in one place.

From networking to data center, from security to collaboration and DevNet, you or your team can ramp up to speed on Cisco products and technologies anytime, anywhere.

Special promotions on CDL purchases until April 30, 2023: 30% discount or Amazon Voucher for 30 EUR

For everybody purchasing courses from our Cisco Digital Learning (CDL) offering until April 30, 2023, we offer the following promotions:

  • 30% discount on listed price when paying with cash!
  • Get Amazon Voucher for 30 EUR when paying with Cisco Learning Credits!

The promotions are applicable to all purchases until April 30, 2023. You will have access to all the CDL content for 1 year after the purchase. In addition, you will also gain access to the corresponding training within the new Cisco U. platform. Cisco U. is a new digital learning experience built around the learner; with quick-start pre-skill assessments, modular learning, advanced search, and a focus on goal setting, it is designed to work for everyone’s unique journey.

Promotions are applied after you register for a course.

Cisco Digital Learning eligible for Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) through Cisco

Cisco Digital Learning offering is eligible for Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) through Cisco. You can use your CLCs for all-inclusive libraries and all the technology track libraries (i.e.: Networking, Collaboration, Security, DevNet, and Data Center).

Informative prices in CLCs (set by Cisco). Kindly note Cisco may charge you VAT or Sales Tax if and where applicable:

  • ALL – 60
  • DevNet – 44
  • Collaboration – 40
  • Data Center – 44
  • Security - 44
  • Networking - 52

Cisco Digital Learning Benefits

  • Accelerate in-house expertise by building, validating, and reinforcing knowledge to reduce unplanned downtime
  • Reduce overhead for training and travel costs
  • Maximize your team’s ability to deploy and support new technologies to enable your digital transformation
  • Support technology career paths for your team
  • All Cisco's latest online training, period
  • Fully compatible with Windows and Apple laptops, as well as tablets and smartphones. You and your team can access our world-class portfolio of online training products anywhere, anytime.


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