To maximize your training investment, NIL Learning can adjust or develop course content and delivery to meet your needs, expectations and business strategy. We can assist your team with career planning, strategic skills alignment, or help your organization with becoming a Cisco Partner.

Our multi-talented team includes not only network engineering experts, but also learning and development experts who work together to ensure the optimal training intervention for your team. Collectively, our team has been involved with in-house training projects for many leading organizations worldwide across all industry sectors.

How can NIL Learning help you?

Training Needs Analysis Tool Kit for Corporate Networking Teams

Mapping and matching your business requirements, available skills and gaps can be a challenging exercise in this rapidly changing technology environment. Our career specialists can help you better understand your engineering team’s skill set, career certifications, potential and readiness for coping with growth in your corporate network or changes in technologies.

Our Training Needs Analysis Tool kit has been designed to analyse training needs of engineers who are working for Channel Partners, Service Providers, Enterprises or Governmental and Public institutions. The kit enables us to evaluate needs in the following technology areas:

Currently these questionnaires are focused on Cisco skills needs.

Career & Curriculum Planning

We can help you create an optimal training plan based on your requirements and job roles to meet the needs of your business.

With our extensive knowledge and understanding of Cisco career certifications and corporate training products, including the skills which they bring to an engineer, our team of consultants will prepare a curriculum plan for your team. This plan is uniquely customized to your team or organizational needs and aligned specifically to your objectives. Learn more.

Training for your Team

We can deliver any standard or customized course on-site, at your premises, following our unique contextual learning methodology available for corporate training only. With our Technology-Led Training solution, we can also deliver a course across multiple branch offices and countries simultaneously, all engineers attending the same class without anyone having to travel to one training location. Search course schedule or contact our team for more information.

Managed Learning Programs

By handing over training management to NIL Learning, you can focus exclusively on your business. We help you in curriculum planning, assessing your staff’s existing skills and analyzing the gaps. After gathering all the data, we plan the training with you and then run the entire program. NIL Learning manages the project, providing instructional resources, materials and labs. We ensure that the project is completed with the desired outcome — a well-trained, competent staff that creates business results. Contact our team for more information.

Corporate Cisco Certification and Specialization planning

As a Cisco Learning Partner and Cisco Gold Partner for more than 25 years, we have an in-depth understanding of Cisco Corporate Certifications and Specializations Programs. Our expertise can also assist your organization with planning for achievement of the desired Cisco Partner designation. Contact our team for more information.

Content Customization & Development

Sometimes learning products in the IT and communications markets don’t exactly meet your needs, schedules or required job competencies. Why not go for a product that’s adjusted to fit your IT environment and fulfill your expectations?

NIL Learning has been a content development company for more than 20 years and has worked with multiple customers on IT and communications content customization. Our learning programs, based on extensive IT and networking field experience, are designed and developed by our highly qualified instructional team. We create learning programs that optimize your schedules, adjust to your learning styles and provide the needed competencies in the fastest possible way. Learn more.

Digital Learning

Practice is a key component in gaining IT and networking skills. However, the classroom time is often too scarce to try all the aspects of a certain technology, often you don’t have an appropriate testing environment while the production infrastructure doesn’t allow for disruptions of daily processes. Our online courses are an excellent opportunity for your engineer or a team of them to practice and master their skills on real equipment at their p(l)ace. Your engineers can repeat exercises as often as they wish within the subscription period. Learn more.