Black Belt Academy - The Simplified Role-based Enablement Framework

The Cisco Black Belt Academy is a simplified & uniform education framework that cuts across all Cisco architectures and latest solutions that helps Cisco partners become proficient in selling, deploying, supporting and adopting Cisco’s latest technologies and software solutions. NIL was the first Cisco Learning partner in the world to join the initiative.

Cisco Black Belt Academy Aligned content is relevant to Black Belt Stage 2-3 and provides a credit for the training you attended at NIL.

Individuals that complete the NIL Instructor lead training will still have to pass the relevant requirements at each of the Black Belt Stage in-order to get their certificate of completion. You will be provided with a Credit for doing the training via NIL, however is some cases you might still need to look at the relevant Learning Map on the Black Belt Academy to pass the Quiz questions as the NIL training might not have covered all the content.

The Black Belt team have also made recommendation on which stages are recommended as prerequisites prior to attending the training provided by NIL.

The Black Belt Academy program is available only to Cisco partners and distributors.

SD-WAN Black Belt Academy Prize Challenge

Students who take Cisco Black Belt SD-WAN Stage 2 course SDWANB or Stage 3 course SDWANBDO at NIL Learning can participate in SD-WAN Black Belt Academy Challenge. All you need to do is to complete all SD-WAN Black Belt Stage Assessments by March 30, 2022 and you can win Nike Heritage Backpack.

Cisco Black Belt Introduction webinar

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