A Cisco Digital Learning subscription provides real-time training for your network today and for tomorrow's opportunities. Self paced courses with hands-on lab in the Cisco Digital Learning give you the fastest, easiest access to the depth and breadth of Cisco's technical expertise. Cisco updates the library on a regular basis, adding new training releases and revised versions of existing courses.

The Cisco Digital Learning gives you our online certification, product, and technology training, all in one place. From routing and switching to data center, from security to collaboration, your workforce can ramp up to speed on Cisco products and technologies anytime, anywhere.

Subscription Duration: 365 days.

6000 $


The Cisco Digital Learning enables you to:
  • Accelerate in-house expertise by building, validating, and reinforcing knowledge to reduce unplanned downtime
  • Reduce overhead for training and travel costs
  • Maximize your team's ability to deploy and support new technologies to enable your digital transformation
  • Support technology career paths for your team


With a subscription to the Cisco Digital Learning, you will have access to:
  • 400+ training courses, updated weekly, covering key Cisco certifications and technologies.
  • Interactive Hand-on Labs allowing you to practice what you are learning in each course.
  • End-to-End Support and Cisco Resources to help you be successful-including transcripts and downloads from each course, plus thousands of supplemental learning aids and documents catalogued with advanced search capabilities.
  • Role Based Learning Paths to enable intelligent consumption of those resources that will provide the best experience needed to support your environment.

This library includes all Certification and Product courses that come with each of the following Digital Libraries:
  • Cisco Digital Learning - Networking
  • Cisco Digital Learning - Security
  • Cisco Digital Learning - Data Center
  • Cisco Digital Learning - Collaboration
  • Cisco Digital Learning - DevNet

6000 $