Passion for teaching

Have you always wanted to share what you know and what you have experienced? With people who are open to learn? Give them the great content you create and help them master it?

NIL has been in IT training and content development business for more than two decades and we have established strong ties with leading global IT-vendors. We grow and might need your knowledge and skills.

We always have work opportunities for great instructors!

We are always open to new cooperation possibilities. With the expansion of our training portfolio, we are not only looking for Cisco instructors, but we also need experts in other software and hardware technologies and solutions as well as in various verticals. We also look for instructors with business and soft skills training expertise. We welcome both trainers seasoned by years of experience as well as (younger) experts with passion for passing the knowledge to their colleagues and embracing new learning models.

We are known as an early adopter of niche solutions, so you will have the opportunity to work both with newest cutting-edge technologies as well as within the established solutions. As we (and customers) value practical skills you will have a chance to work on the solutions by yourself and thus gain first-hand experience. We want you to grow professionally and personally, so we are offering you a great work environment, flexible work arrangement, opportunities to see the world by teaching around the globe and competitive compensation and bonus options.

Interested in working with us? Let us know!

We are always interested in getting to know new instructors and content developers! If you want to give it a try, introduce yourself and let us know about your knowledge, skills and ambitions.

What our instructors say about us?

The best thing about teaching at NIL is that it prevents you from getting old. You work together with great experts, you have access to the newest IT technology, while students with their questions and ideas often make you rethink the things you thought you understood through and through. You can’t just simply settle back here."

Robert Lesar, award winning instructor and proctor