Cisco U. All Access is an online learning experience built around the user. It guides learners and teams to their tech learning goals. Whether you need training to seek a certification, role, or solution, we have you covered, with courses, community, and deep content for both Cisco and third-party technologies, shaped to how you learn. Cisco U. can accelerate digital transformation for any customer or organization. 

It offers a personalized self-paced learning, where you learn your way with a curriculum tailored to your interests, skills, and certification goals with a learning path - a curated set of material that allows you to move through a topic at your own pace and assessments, Assessments are sprinkled throughout so that you can test your knowledge as you go.

It includes one year’s access to all in-depth product, solution, and certification training and labs, plus Cisco-adjacent content to support your multi-vendor stack. Cisco U. supports the learning process with personalized recommendations, community connections, progress tracking, and diverse content types for diverse learning styles. Cisco U.

You can connect, collaborate, and share experiences with other learners in an inclusive community and thrive in any IT role with a blend of classic tech training and essential vendor experience.

Cisco U. is a tech learning experience that recommends content just for you and your team. It provides support from peers and gives holistic training for Cisco products and beyond.

Access Duration: 365 days.

6000 $


Unlock all Cisco U. content and meet any career goal with Professional-level cert prep and Cisco product training.

In Cisco U. you can earn Continuing Education credits. The Cisco Continuing Education (CE) Program offers Associate, Specialist, Professional, and Expert level Cisco certification holders’ flexible options to recertify by completing a variety of CE eligible activities. Visit the CE website to learn about CE requirements and how to recertify with Continuing Education.


Cisco U. All Access includes:
  • Podcasts, webinars, videos, and tutorials
  • Technical skills assessments
  • Technical and certification digital communities
  • Network automation Learning Path
  • IT domain fundamentals training
  • Multi-vendor technology training
  • Professional and soft skills training
  • Associate-level certification Learning Paths
  • Essential self-paced hands-on labs
  • All multi-vendor technology training
  • Professional-level certification Learning Paths
  • In-depth Cisco product Learning Paths
  • In-depth Cisco solution Learning Paths
  • All self-paced hands-on labs

Audience: Cisco U. All Access is the best choice for intermediate-to-expert learners.

6000 $