We want to deliver the best ever training experience to our students

We are very committed to providing the highest customer satisfaction and we care a lot what students learn in our classes and through other learning offerings we provide. We are looking forward to hear from you, but we do expect new potential instructors to understand and share our passion for teaching. So we want to know why you are passionate about teaching, too.

To help you convince our recruiting team, we recommend you to get familiar with our application and interview process.

Application and Interview Process

Please fill out the basic contact form. We will then send you an email with the instructions for finishing the application process. Please provide all of the requested information. We know we ask for a lot of data, but this also gives you a chance to stand out and prove your expertise, so we believe serious candidates won’t find that a show-stopper.

We will get back to everybody who’ll send us all of the requested documentation and eligible candidates will be invited to an interview.

Application process2

Interview process

Interviewing helps us learn more about you as a person and a potential colleague, and it helps you learn more about NIL, our team and what you could do here. Based on your application and the provided documents our recruiting committee will decide whether you continue to the Interview phase.

There are two types of interviews we decide to invite you to - based on the information you provided:

  • Experience interview: If you are invited to the Experience interview, you will be participating in a short discussion via one of the online collaboration tools (Webex, Skype, etc.) where we want to hear more about you, your skills and experience to see how we can match our expectations and opportunities to your skills and knowledge.
  • Presentation interview: We might invite you to a Presentation interview, where you will be conducting a remote short demo presentation (lesson) via one of the online collaboration tools (Webex, Skype, etc.). We believe this is a great way to not only learn more about you, but also see your performance and validate your technical expertise as well as your presentation skills first hand.

Recruiting committee

During the interview process, you’ll have a chance to talk to our subject matter experts (SMEs), sales representative(s) and HR experts.

However, there are two committee members that will have the final word in accepting suitable applicants: Marjan Bradeško and Bojan Kotnik.

Get to know them below.

Marjan Bradeško, Chief Learning Strategist

Marjan is a 30+ years IT veteran and he belongs to the first generation of CCIEs (those with 4-digit certification number that starts with 1). He was a Cisco instructor, proctor, and Learning and Content development manager for large part of his career. If you imagine teaching a class, he is the student who knows a lot, pays attention to the detail and asks questions (also those that require of instructor a broader knowledge than just of the specific topic of the class). But don’t worry, if you run into troubles – a piece of advice here – just mention you like mountains and hiking, and you’ll be fine.