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Cloud Agility: A Modular Approach to Automation

Responding quickly to new opportunities means automating as much of your infrastructure as possible. Now see how Cisco’s truly modular private cloud solution lets you automate application delivery and service provisioning across your enterprise, all at your own pace. Join cloud experts for an in-depth demonstration of Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite. Find out how to translate templates into automated application services consumed on demand.

Smarter Routers for the Intelligent WAN

Learn how to boost service delivery in your branch and productivity throughout your enterprise. Get an “up-close and technical” look at the primary elements and architecture of the 4000 family of Integrated Services Routers, the newest addition to Cisco’s branch router portfolio. Join Robb, Jimmy Ray, and Cisco experts as they go beyond speeds and feeds and show you what kind of service enablement you can expect from this award-winning platform.

Meraki and the Cisco Cloud

For many, managing the network from the cloud sounds great. But what are the cost, integration, and security realities? Check out this video for an in-depth look at Meraki cloud-based network solutions and see what they can mean for your enterprise network.

Cisco UCS M-Series: Deconstructing the Server

See how the Cisco UCS M-Series of modular servers is changing the game for today’s businesses by delivering more of the compute and storage resources you need without duplicating the controllers, adapters, and other components you do not need.

Join Robb, Jimmy Ray, and experts from the Cisco UCS team as they go inside the Cisco UCS M-Series to show you how it is built, how it works, and how to deploy it in your organization.

Put the Network Back in Network Security

What can your network do to protect itself? Watch and see how NetFlow, Identity Services Engine, and Cisco TrustSec—network solutions you already have—can provide an added layer of protection to your organization’s security strategy.

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