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Cisco CMX Cloud Overview

Darryl Sladden, Technical Marketing Manager, introduces the new Cisco hosted software options and discusses how the first offering, Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) will allow customers to provide additional analytics capabilities for wireless providers and an enhanced mobile browsing experience for customers. Recorded at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live, 2016 Berlin.

Cisco Big Data Overview

Raghu Nambiar, Distinguished Engineer, discusses the impact of big data on information technology today and gives and overview of how Cisco approaches solution sets for customers who are looking at implementing big data and analytics. Recorded at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live 2016, Berlin.

Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall

To keep the bad guys out of your network, you’ve got to think and act one step ahead. That’s exactly what the threat-focused Cisco next-generation firewall was built to do. Join Cisco security experts in this video and get a firsthand look at the hardware, software, and management that make up this fully integrated solution. Check out the video and go under the hood of the industry’s first fully integrated security solution, focused on threat defense and faster infection detection.

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Segment Routing for Service Providers

Gain inside look at application-engineered routing, which gives applications the ability to communicate their requirements directly to your network. And that means greater availability, end-to-end control, and a vastly improved customer experience. Cisco’s experts explain this innovative solution, so don’t miss their perspective and learn how to make your business more competitive and successful than ever.

Network Service Orchestrator Enabled by Tail-f

For service providers, it has become more important than ever to find easy, effective ways to deliver new applications and services to customers as quickly as you can. See how the Cisco Network Service Orchestration solution makes provisioning new services simple for customers of all sizes. Check out this video to get a look at how this innovative tool automates the deployment of new services by working with any vendor across your entire infrastructure.

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Scaling Multitenancy with VXLAN

Check out this video for in-depth presentation of the latest VXLAN innovations and see for yourself how adding the standards-based Border Gateway Protocol control plane can help deliver better efficiency and scale in your data center. Get a firsthand, under-the-hood look at how the latest VXLAN innovations provide a network overlay that supports segmentation, host mobility, and high scale.

NX-OS and Linux: Facilitating DevOps Integration

Where and why Linux is making such a difference in data center switching and how it can build true integration into your DevOps environment. Check out this video and deep dive into the NX-OS software stack, including a walkthrough with Cisco experts. See for yourself how a Linux-based approach to network management and operations can pay huge dividends for your organization in a relatively short amount of time.

5 Common Wi-Fi Problems - Part 1

This first webinar on common Wi-Fi problems focuses on interference, congestion, low data rates, inability to connect to Wi-Fi and inability to connect to network resources. Tom Carpenter from CWNP guides you in understanding the basics of these issues and some common causes and solutions.

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