Video tutorials

Integrating Cisco Cloud Security with Adaptive Security Appliance

Cisco subject matter expert Maite Cadenas explained how to integrate Cisco Cloud Web Security (CWS) with Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA). Additionally, you will learn how Cisco ASA works with Cisco CWS and the necessary steps required and things to take considerations in order to deploy Cisco CWS with Cisco ASA.

802.11ac and WLAN Throughput Testing

CWNP webinar on 802.11ac and WLAN Throughput Testing.

Unfied Communication Manager 10.0 New Features

Cisco Unified Communications Manager is the core of Cisco Collaboration Services. This video covers the new features of Cisco Unified Communication Manager 10.0. and is the first in a session of 2 hangouts on the subject.

Building a Home Lab for Wireless Certification

This one hour webinar introduces the concepts that should be considered when purchasing equipment for a home lab environment. Topics include:

  • Home lab budgets
  • Sources of wireless gear
  • Recommended CWNP labs

Enabling Your Networks for IPv6

This Cisco Support Community covers IPv6 with Cisco expert Harpreet Singh.

Understanding CRS-1 System Overview & CRS-1 Packet Flow Theory

The video covers the following topics:

  • What is CRS?
  • CRS-1 Router Chassis Options
  • Cisco CRS-1 System Configurations
  • CRS-1 System Closure view
  • CRS-1 16 Slot hardware overview
  • CRS-1 8 Slot hardware overview
  • CRS-1 4 Slot hardware overview
  • CRS-1 Forwarding and Chassis Common Elements
  • Switch Fabric
  • CRS-1 packet Flow

LAN Switching Features: STP, QOS and Stacking

In this video Cisco Technical Experts Aninda Chatterjee & Karthick Murugan cover the following:

  • Spanning-tree features -- how to use them
  • Layer 2 loops -- lab
  • Tracing TCNs - lab
  • Stacking
  • QoS basics -- lab

VMware NSX Architecture

Ivan Pepelnjak (NIL), Brad Hedlund (VMware) and Scott Lowe (VMware) talked about principles of overlay virtual networking, architecture of VMware NSX and its components, NSX principles of operation, and services offered by VMware NSX in vSphere based clouds, and open source based clouds like OpenStack or CloudStack.

Security and SDN – A perfect fit or oil-and-water?

In this presentation from Troopers14 conference Ivan Pepelnjak, NIL's Chief Technology Advisor, briefly introduces the concepts of SDN and OpenFlow (the tool used to build controller-based networks that require low-level network device control), the security aspects of programmable- and controller-based networks and the potential SDN- and OpenFlow-based security use cases, from scale-out IDS clusters to first-hop network security and user authentication/authorization solutions.

DNS Attacks

Domain Name Server (DNS) amplification attacks rely on the ability to source spoof packets in order to generate the traffic that causes a denial of service. Jimmy Ray from Cisco explains how open resolvers should be working on the Internet, and what you can do to help mitigate this type of attack.