Cisco offers more than 130 certifications to help IT professionals prove their competence and improve their chances of earning a higher salary.

Investing in continuous learning and upskilling is becoming paramount for companies and individuals who want to keep up with the fast pace of technological progress. This is particularly true for investment in ICT skills, the mastery of which is becoming a major competitive advantage for companies and individuals alike.

Verifiable competence of individuals and enterprises

For IT professionals, the various certifications are the most reliable and recognized way to validate their expertise and demonstrate their knowledge. This can reduce the time needed to find a better job and at the same time increase their value on the market and thus their chances of a higher salary.

Certified professionals also bring significant benefits to companies, which can respond more quickly to customer requests, fill skills gaps, solve technical problems and compete more effectively in tendering processes with suitably qualified staff.

Certificates are essentially a measurable indicator of an individual's knowledge and skills. Within a hierarchy of colleagues, certifications often determine who gets help and advice from whom. They can be used by HR departments and managers to help them plan the career paths of their employees. Finally, they can also be a prerequisite for promotion to better paid positions within companies and an argument when negotiating a change of employer.

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Three decades of experience, more than 130 certifications

Cisco Systems recognized early on the need to educate the people who install, manage, and use their equipment and solutions. That's why 30 years ago they decided to set up a partner training program. One of the first companies to join this program was the Slovenian company NIL, which is today part of the Conscia Group. They were among the first group of companies to be awarded the Cisco Training Partner title in 1993, and today they are one of only 17 companies in the world to hold the Platinum Learning Partner status.

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Cisco currently offers more than 130 certifications, divided into four levels of complexity and 11 technology areas. NIL provides technical training in all levels and areas such as network infrastructure, cyber security, IT security, data centers, cloud infrastructure, service provider technologies, automation, orchestration, and more.

Premium offer for the most demanding

In addition to the range of standard training courses offered by Cisco, NIL Learning has developed its own premium offer. They offer partners and customers assistance with equipment installation and knowledge transfer. These are challenging projects with limited scope, they say. It is mainly about helping partners who want to offer solutions that they do not currently have the expertise to offer themselves.

Another part of the premium offer are training courses or workshops that provide participants with skills not covered by standard courses. NIL Learning develops tailor-made training and then transfers the knowledge to any solution tailored to the specific population in need.

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Innovative approaches to raise the level of knowledge among IT professionals

NIL has set several milestones with its innovative approach to training, helping to raise the level of expertise and knowledge among IT professionals. In 1997, when firewalls and similar network security solutions first appeared, they began lecturing Cisco in-house engineers on the subject.

In 1998, they set up a network infrastructure and introduced an innovative remote access system called "NIL Remote Labs". This was a groundbreaking step in distance education, enabling the company to spread its educational programs via the Internet worldwide. In addition, the network equipment could be used by others and provided valuable hands-on experience for students even after their formal training was over. This was a major step forward in the accessibility, flexibility, and efficiency of NIL's educational approach. They say they will continue to strive to make education even more flexible and tailored to the specific needs of the learner.

Well-educated individuals contribute to a work environment that is efficient and free from unnecessary worries. This kind of investment in knowledge and systematicity proves to be a profitable investment, as it helps to reduce workload and increase performance and productivity.

Investing in knowledge is thus investing in being carefree. View NIL Learning's training schedule and register for a course.


Source: Časnik Finance

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