The 30th anniversary of the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification marks a significant milestone in the world of networking and information technology. Since its inception in 1993, the CCIE has remained the pinnacle of expertise and excellence in the field of networking, serving as a testament to the dedication and skill of network professionals worldwide.

Here’s what Marjan Bradeško, head of Conscia’s Center of Excellence (NIL is part of the Conscia group), and one of NIL’s first CCIEs has to say about the certification:

As a fourth CCIE at NIL, the one who turned NIL into a Cisco Gold Partner in 1995 (4 CCIEs were needed then), I am proof of the value of top-level certifications. Not only do they contribute to the company status, but they also contribute to the personal status as well. CCIE for me meant – first and foremost – a personal satisfaction, since after all the efforts, I was proud holding the title and being among the first 500 CCIEs in the world.

The CCIE status also opened career opportunities and helped me establish reputation in the classroom (I was also a Certified Cisco Systems Instructor), and especially in my interactions with customers. More than a quarter of a century later, the CCIE is still highly respected in the industry and an assurance that a CCIE is an experienced person, an expert, a life-long learner, a hard-working employee. Things that contribute to relevancy, make customers at ease, and keep the CCIE proud. And make the company more competitive!

Marjan Bradeško

Marjan Bradeško

Over the past three decades, CCIE-certified individuals have played a pivotal role in shaping the digital landscape, designing and managing complex networks, and ensuring the reliability and security of global communication infrastructures. As technology continues to evolve, the CCIE certification remains a symbol of unmatched expertise, adaptability, and innovation, reinforcing its position as the gold standard in networking certifications.

Here's what Vedran Karadža, Instructor and Consulting Engineer at NIL, part of Conscia and a newly-formed CCIE has to say about the certification:

Preparing for and taking the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) exam is a significant undertaking that comes with its own set of fears and challenges where the pressure to succeed can be overwhelming. It requires dedication, perseverance, a supportive community, and a deep commitment to mastering networking.

One of the most defining aspects of the CCIE journey is the hands-on lab exam where theory meets practice, and knowledge is put to the test in a high-pressure environment. I remember the hours spent in the lab, meticulously configuring complex network scenarios, and solving problems under a ticking clock. The whole preparation process taught me the importance of staying calm under pressure, thinking critically, and having a strong troubleshooting mindset.

Then, after months of rigorous preparation, I faced the lab exam with a mix of excitement and nervousness. It was a challenging experience, but the moment I received that CCIE certification email, the sense of accomplishment was indescribable. All the hard work, sacrifices, and dedication had paid off, and I had achieved a prestigious certification that validated my expertise in the field of networking.

I would say it has been a transformative experience that has not only expanded my technical knowledge but also enriched my professional and personal growth.”

Vedran Karadza

Vedran Karadža

Congratulations to Cisco for the 30th anniversary of the CCIE program and to all CCIEs! Here’s to the future innovations and advancements that CCIE professionals will continue to drive in the ever-changing world of networking.

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