The Network Intuitive for Field Engineers with SD-WAN Self-Drive (TNIFE4D) v1.0 training is a 4-day instructor-led or virtual instructor-led course that provides an information on how to automate and assure services within enterprises using Cisco DNA. The training provides information on how to use DNA Center, how to deploy Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) using DNA Center and Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), how to detect and mitigate threats using StealthWatch and Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) and how to deploy SD-WAN
The objective of TNIFE4D training is to ensure you are confident in installing and configuring intent-based networks, built on Cisco DNA..

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Date: from 23.8.2021 to 26.8.2021
Language: English
Location: Europe/Africa
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Date: from 6.12.2021 to 9.12.2021
Language: English
Location: Europe/Africa
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Upon completing this course, you will be able to understand how to position and configure the following solutions:
  • DNA Center
  • SD-Access
  • SD-Access Security
  • StealthWatch and Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA)
  • SD-WAN


The course contains these components:
  • DNA Center Automation, Assurance, and Programmability
    • Overview
      • Introduction
      • TNI and DNA introduction
      • Cisco Digital Network Architecture
      • Cisco DNA Center System and Deployment
      • DNA Center Workflow
    • DNA Center Design
      • Network Hierarchy
      • Network Settings
    • DNA Center Automation
      • DNA Center Inventory and Topology
      • Standard Changes Automation
      • Template Editor
      • Day 0 Automation – PNP
      • SD-Access Underlay Automation
      • Day N Automation
      • Application Policies
    • DNA Center Platform
      • DNA Center Platform overview
      • DNA Center integrations (ISE, IPAM, ITSM, reporting)
      • DNA Center APIs
      • DNA Center device SDK
      • IOS XE programmability
    • DNA Spaces
      • DNA Spaces Overview
      • DNA Spaces Capabilities
    • DNA Center Scaling
      • DNA Center Scaling Overview
      • DNA Scale Up and Out
      • DNA Center DMS
  • SD-Access
    • SDA Architecture Overview:
      • Traditional network
      • SD-Access Overview
      • Cisco ISE Integration with SDA
    • SD-Access Wired Architecture
      • Roles and terminology
      • SD-Access overlay
      • SD-Access Fabric Operation
      • SD-Access Border Node
    • SDA Wired Fabric Configuration
  • SD-Access Wireless Architecture
    • Overview:
      • Wireless SD-Access architecture
    • Network Design
      • Fabric wireless operations
      • Wireless Over The Top
      • SD-Access wireless design
    • Guest Design
      • Design guest services with SD-Access
      • Legacy vs. SD-Access solution
    • High Availability in SD-Access Wireless
      • Control plane redundancy
      • WLC redundancy with SSO
    • Configuring Wireless SD-Access
    • Configuring Wireless Guest using SD-Access
    • SD-Acess for Distributed Campus
    • Fabric in a Box
    • SD-Access Extenstions for IoT
  • DNA Security
    • SD-Access Security Overview
    • Access Control Application (ACA)
    • Cloud Policy Connector(CPC
    • Magellan
    • Cisco Trustworthy systems
    • StealthWatch and Encrypted Traffic Analytics overview
      • NetFlow overview
      • ETA deployment modes
      • StealthWatch and ISE integration using pxGrid
      • Configuring ETA
    • DNA Center Assurance
      • Device telemetry
      • Assurance
      • Analytics
      • ITSM Integration in context of assurance
  • SD-WAN
    • Architecture Overview.
      • Evolution of WAN
      • SD-WAN solution overview
      • Orchestration plane
      • SD-WAN deep dive
      • Cisco Enterprise Routing Portfolio
      • Cisco SD-WAN Platforms
      • Scaling of the solution and components
      • Key concept such as OMP, VPN, Templates and Policies
    • Design, deploy and provision
      • Cloud Delivered Deployment
      • On-Prem Deployment
      • Establishing Secure Control Plane
      • Finalizing System Bringup
      • Deployment of vEdge Cloud and cEdge
    • ZTP & PnP
    • Templates
    • Policies
      • Control Policies
      • Data Policies
      • QoS
      • Application Aware Routing
    • Internet Breakouts
    • SD-WAN Security
      • Firewall App Aware
      • Intrusion Prevention (IPS/IDS)
      • URL Filtering
      • DNS/Web-Layer Security
      • Advanced Malware Protection
    • Assurance
    • Licensing

Lab Outline
Attendees get an option for hands-on labs:
  • TNI, DNA, DNA Center Programmability, Automation, Analytics
    • Lab 1: Configure DNA Center Design
    • Lab 2: Automate Network Using DNA Center
    • Lab 3: DNA Center Telemetry Collection and REST API
  • SD-Access Wired and Wireless
    • Lab 1: Integrate ISE with Active Directory
    • Lab 2: Configure Corporate Wired Access using SD-Access and Segmentation
    • Lab 3: Configure SD-Access Overlay
    • Lab 4: Provision the WLC to the SD-Access Fabric
    • Lab 5: Provision SSID and Verify Wireless Connectivity
    • Lab 6: Create a VN for Guest Internet Access
  • SD-Access Security and Assurance
    • Lab 1: Implementing Group Based AccessC ontrol
    • Lab 2: Detect Malware inside Encrypted Traffic
    • Lab 3: Examine DNA Center Assurance
  • Day 4: SD-WAN
    • Lab 1: Installing and Configuring SD-WAN Controllers
    • Lab 2: Using Configuration Templates
    • Lab 3: Implementing Control Policy
    • Lab 4: Implementing Data Policy
    • Lab 5: Implementing AAR Policy

Prerequisite Knowledge

The knowledge and skills that a learner should possess before attending this course are as follows:
  • Students should have an understanding of network routing and switching principles equivalent to the Cisco CCNA certification level
  • Basic understanding of Cisco ISE, 802.1x and Cisco TrustSec operation
  • Basic familiarity with SD-Access concepts
  • Basic familiarity with SD-WAN concepts.