The Self Drive Automation and Orchestration with APIC-EM (SDN-APIC-EM) v1.0 is a 1-day instructor-led course that introduces learners to the software-defined networking (SDN) in the Enterprise environment and a sound understanding of Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module (APIC-EM) in the context of Digital Network Architecture (DNA).
The APIC-EM delivers SDN to the Enterprise to the WAN, Campus and Access networks. APIC-EM provides centralized automation of policy-based application profiles. Through programmability, automated network control helps IT rapidly respond to new business opportunities. The APIC-EM and its applications are part of the Cisco ONE Software portfolio.


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:
  • Obtain a sound understanding of SDN in Enterprise environment
  • Understand the role of Cisco APIC-EM in the context of DNA


The course contains these components:
  • Introduction to DNA and APIC-EM
  • Tools Alongside APIC-EM Part I
    • Simulation: VIRL, dCloud
  • Hands-on Lab: APIC-EM on dCloud
  • Tools Alongside APIC-EM Part II
    • Human Interaction: Spark, NeXtUI, Tropo
  • Hands-on Lab: NeXtUI
  • Pave the Road – Get to Know Some Software Terms
  • Hands-on Lab: REST API on APIC-EM
  • Overview and Roll of Programming
  • Introduction in Phyton
  • Hands-on Lab: Programming APIC-EM with Python

Prerequisite Knowledge

The knowledge and skills that a learner should possess before attending this course are as follows:
  • Network knowledge equivalent to CCNA Routing & Switching level
  • Basic network operation knowledge
  • No need for any software development or scripting knowledge