The Managing Enterprise Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure (MENPI) v1.0 is a 5-day instructor-led course that introduces learners to the tools necessary to design, deploy, operate, and optimize enterprise networks with the Cisco Prime Infrastructure solution.


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:
  • Describe fundamental network management concepts and introduce the features of Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Manage the inventory with Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Map the network using the tools in Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Manage user access to tasks, functions, and devices in Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Manage the devices and configuration archive in Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Work with Cisco AVC, QoS, and Cisco IWAN services using Cisco Prime Infrastructure tools and deploy Cisco TrustSec identity services using Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Monitor and troubleshoot network with Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Perform system administration tasks in Cisco Prime Infrastructure


The course contains these components:
  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure Overview
    • Lab: Prime Infrastructure Installation Review
    • Lab: Prime Infrastructure CLI and GUI Access
    • Lab: PI Server Configuration
  • Inventory Management
    • Lab: Populate the Network Inventory
    • Lab: Manage the Network Inventory
    • Lab: Manage PI Grouping
    • Lab: Manage Device Software Images
  • Map the Network
    • Lab: Manage Wireless Maps: Static and Generated
    • Lab: Manage Network Topology Maps
  • Role-Based Access Control
    • Lab: Create a Virtual Domain with a Domain Administrator
  • Configuration Management
    • Lab: Manage Device Configuration Archives
    • Lab: Manage Wired-Device Templates
    • Lab: Manage Wireless-Device Configurations
  • Compliance Management
    • Discovery Lab: Provision Controller and Access Points with the Converged Access Workflow
    • Discovery Lab: Create Compliance Profiles, Run Audit Reports, and Fix Noncompliant Devices
    • Discovery Lab: Run PSIRT and EOx Reports
  • Services Management
    • Lab: Manage AVC and QoS Service
    • Discovery Lab: Discover DMVPN Operational Status
  • Monitor and Troubleshoot
    • Lab: Monitor Devices and Interfaces
    • Lab: Monitor the Wireless Network
    • Lab: Monitor Clients, Users, and Applications
  • System Administration
    • Lab: Generate Reports
    • Discovery Lab: Use the cURL Utility to Retrieve Data with the PI Version 3.0 API
    • Lab: Configure Operations Center

Prerequisite Knowledge

The knowledge and skills that a learner should possess before attending this course are as follows:
  • Knowledge of networks and networking terminology (CCNA Routing and Switching qualifications, or equivalent, that can be gained on ICND1 and ICND2 or CCNAX courses)
  • Knowledge of wireless networks and wireless networking terminology (CCNA Wireless qualifications, or equivalent, that can be gained on WIFUND course)
  • Basic understanding of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and syslog network management components, or previous training in, or experience with, network administration, management, and troubleshooting