Designing a Data Center Application Infrastructure with the Cisco ACE Family (ACEDES) course teaches you how to design an enterprise application infrastructure by deploying the Cisco ACE Application Control Engine Module and Cisco ACE 4710 Appliance technologies. This course covers all of the key features of the Cisco ACE design, including resource virtualization and management, server load balancing (Layers 3 and 4 and Layers 5 through 7), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) termination and offload, security features like application-layer inspection and fixups, and global site selection and Application Velocity System using the Cisco ACE Appliance.


  • Describe Enterprise Application Architecture
  • Describe IP Application Delivery with the Cisco ACE Module
  • Describe the configuration tasks necessary to successfully deploy a Cisco ACE Module
  • Describe the structure and function of the Modular Policy CLI statements used to configure Cisco ACE features
  • Describe the methods used to manage the Cisco ACE Module
  • Describe the Cisco ACE features that provide IP application-based security
  • Describe the capabilities and configuration of the Cisco ACE features used to provide load balancing of IP-based applications
  • Describe the health monitoring capabilities of the Cisco ACE Module
  • Identify the Layer 7 processing options used to provide advanced application networking
  • Describe the Cisco ACE support for SSL protocol processing
  • Describe a methodology used to design and configure multiple Cisco ACE features
  • Describe AVS features and be able to deploy them
  • Describe GSS topology and successfully deploy the appliance


Enterprise Application Delivery
  • IP-Based Applications
  • Data Center Application Architecture
  • Deployment Planning

Designing Server Load Balancing and Security
  • Introducing Cisco ACE Family
  • Deploying Cisco ACE Module and 4710 Appliance
  • Security Features
  • Modular Policy CLI
  • Managing the Cisco ACE Module and 4710 Appliance
  • Layer 4 Load Balancing
  • Health Monitoring
  • Layer 7 Protocol Processing
  • Processing Secure Connections

Optimizing the Design
  • Integrating Multiple Features
  • Web Application Acceleration Overview
  • Deploying Application Acceleration and Optimization

Designing Global Server Load Balancing
  • Global Server Load Balancing Overview
  • DRP-Based Network Proximity
  • DNS Sticky
  • Management Roles

Prerequisite Knowledge

  • Familiarity with TCP/IP protocol suite
  • Knowledge of HTTP and SSL protocols
  • Basic understanding of N-tier application architecture
  • Basic understanding of server load-balancing concepts