This customized course focuses on the administration and use of three Cisco Prime component products: Prime Central, Prime Network, and Prime Performance Manager.
Prime Central provides a portal for user management for the suite of products allowing for single sign-on, a launch point for the domain managers and life-cycle applications (Prime Network, Prime Performance Manager, and potentially other component applications), the consolidation and correlation of alarms from the domain managers, and a common inventory view of managed elements.
Prime Network is a service-centered comprehensive management solution for dynamic and complex multiservice networks including MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, Data Center, and Mobility. Prime Network offers comprehensive service assurance and device management for the packet/IP domain with advanced capabilities including virtual connectivity discovery, root-cause identification, topology-driven troubleshooting, alarm reduction through topology-based correlation and de-duplication.
Prime Performance Manager is a single performance management solution that supports all Cisco architectures providing operators with granular visibility into network and service topologies along with related performance metrics.


  • Understand the components of the Cisco Prime IP NGN suite
  • Understand how to add devices to be managed into Prime Network
  • Understand how to import managed elements from Prime Network to Prime Performance Manger
  • Be able to create users and provide privileges for each of the component applications
  • Log into the suite
  • Navigate to the components
  • View topologies
  • View device inventories
  • View services
  • Compare configurations
  • Analyze faults
  • View performance reports
  • Understand how to create threshold crossing alarms
  • Customize the collection capabilities of Prime Network
  • Create custom device scripts to be executed from Prime Network
  • Understand the basics of the NBIs.


  • Overview of Cisco Prime IP NGN Suite
  • Introduction to Prime Central
  • Introduction to Prime Network
  • Introduction to Prime Performance Manager

Getting Started
  • Overview of Installation Procedure
  • Access, navigate, and customize Prime Central
  • User Management

Device Management
  • Overview of Prime Network Architecture
  • Initial Prime Network System Configuration

  • Initial Prime Performance Manager System Configuration
  • System Running Verification and Troubleshooting

Using Cisco Prime
  • Topology Visualization
  • Inventory Visualization
  • Path Trace
  • Change and Configuration Management
  • Customize Device Data Collection
  • Custom Device Scripts
  • Performance Reporting
  • Fault Management

Prerequisite Knowledge

  • Basic Microsoft Windows user-level knowledge
  • Basic Web browser usability knowledge
  • TCP/IP networking experience
  • Basic Cisco router and switch configuration experience