Cisco Stealthwatch Administration (SSA) v7.0 is a 2-day instructor-led or virtual instructor-led course, which focuses on a step-by-step framework for completing the initial configuration tasks required to get Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise up and running. You’ll experience hands-on lab activities that focus on the critical initial configuration steps that allow Stealthwatch to monitor flows and network behavior and to provide insights that you can use to determine next steps, such as what policies are needed to manage the data presented.

This course will help you:
  • Ensure that the Stealthwatch System is configured correctly.
  • Understand key system features and customized settings.

Important note: This course is available only to qualified Cisco Stealthwatch customers.


After taking this course, you should be able to:
  • Validate network configuration of Cisco Stealthwatch appliances.
  • Set base SMC configuration values.
  • Use SMC documents and reports to determine if exporters are set up properly.
  • Use SMC documents and reports, to determine IP addresses that belong to your organization.
  • Place hosts into appropriate host groups.
  • Define services and applications.
  • Add Stealthwatch users with specific roles.
  • Create custom documents.
  • Establish response management rules, triggers, and actions.


This course contains the following components:
  • Day One
    • Why Stealthwatch?
    • The Many User Inter"Faces” of Stealthwatch
    • Stealthwatch Application Validation
    • Management Console: Basic Setup
    • Hosts and Host Groups
    • Classify Services and Applications
    • Network Devices and the By Function Host Group
    • Policy Management: Group Policy
  • Day Two
    • Quick Review
    • User and Role Management
    • Custom Documents
    • Response Management
    • Review the Web Application: What’s New?
    • Wrap Up

Prerequisite Knowledge

It is strongly recommended to complete the Stealthwatch Foundations training prior to taking this course.