The Cisco Stealthwatch Network (SNO) v7.1 is a 2-day instructor-led or virtual instructor-led course, which focuses on using Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise to complete both “proactive” and “reactive” activities required to maintain network health. The course content also includes configuring the Stealthwatch System to monitor your network's health as well as providing helpful workflows that allow you to react quickly to common network operations issues.

This course will help you:
  • Generate reports about network utilization.
  • Determine the cause of network issues.

Important note: This course is available only to qualified Cisco Stealthwatch customers.


After taking this course, you should be able to:
  • Explain what Stealthwatch is and how it works.
  • Use Stealthwatch to proactively monitor your network.
  • Use Stealthwatch to react quickly to common issues facing network operations teams.


This course contains the following components:
  • Day One
    • Course Overview
    • Stealthwatch Technical Overview
    • Introduction to Network Operations
    • Proactive Monitoring
    • Lab: Validate Exporters
    • Lab: Manage Hosts and Host Groups
    • Proactive Monitoring
    • Lab: Utilize Maps
    • Lab: Configure Host Locking Rules
  • Day Two
    • Day One Review
    • Proactive Monitoring Continued
    • Lab: Create Custom Security Events
    • Lab: Manage Policies
    • Lab: Set Response Management Rules
    • Reactive Tasks
    • Lab: View Current Interfaces
    • Lab: Investigate Slow Response
    • Review the Web Application: What’s New?
    • Wrap Up

Prerequisite Knowledge

It is strongly recommended to complete the Stealthwatch Foundations training prior to taking this course.